Thursday, February 13, 2014

Express Wide Waistband Editor Pant in Herringbone!

I couldn't believe my luck when I found a pair of Wide Waistband Editor pant in herringbone in my size at Express!  These have long been sold out in store and online, and I missed out on them completely.  Somebody must have made a return or something.  But now they are mine!  Herringbone + Editor pant + faux leather piping = what's not to love?!

I don't even care that they are lined "winter" pants and I live in a place where there's no winter really.  I work indoors anyway and sometimes it gets quite cold when the AC is blasting.  So I can totally wear these.  I think they also had to be lined because the wool material can be quite scratchy.

These are size 0, but they fit a bit tighter than my other ones, particularly in the waist.  There's like no stretch at all.  So I could not wear them on bloaty days lol.  Also, they are at least an inch shorter than my other Editor pants from Express, which means I can only wear them with my shorter heels (3 inch-ish).  

Oh well, don't care!  I'm just so happy to have herringbone work pants!  I think the faux leather piping looks great with this color/pattern as well.  So I'm a pretty happy camper right now!  :)  :)  :)

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