Monday, August 13, 2012

A Few More Dresses!

I've been buying a lot of dresses lately, I think this is another one of those phases I'm going through!  I just find dresses to be so much easier than separates, since I don't have to worry about picking out two items to match.  I can focus on shoes and accessories, and that works well for lazy-ol-me.  I bought these two dresses from Hautelook for pretty decent prices, and I actually really like both of them.

So first, I bought this "Wow Couture Cap Sleeve Multicolor Bodycon Dress", hoe yes still modeling everything with my new favorite wedges from Modern Vintage!

I've been intrigued by these wrap dresses that I keep seeing so I finally decided to get one myself.  I really like the colors in this dress, and I like that it's got sleeves up top.  I like the purple tones as well, which actually has subtle shine to it.  I ordered it in a size S, and I'm glad it didn't come too tight.  The material is quite thick, so it does hide lumps and bumps well and gives you an hourglass figure.  I'm pretty happy with the way it fits!  It was only $29 too, totally worth it.

Here are the model shots:

The next dress I got is this Shae Scoop Neck Tonal Dress, in a nude color.  

This one originally retailed for $106 but Hautelook was selling it for only $25 (the catch is: no return).  I went ahead and ordered a size small, and basically was taking a gamble on it but I figured it couldn't be that bad.  It turns out that it's actually pretty loose fitting, but I like it.  It's made of very light knit material, feels like a thin sweater dress almost.  It is a bit see-through, and I only have a black slip that I can wear under it, which kind of works.  But I think a nude slip is a requirement to go with it.  I can totally wear this dress to work as well, maybe with a blazer over.

Here are the shots of the model in it:

The last thing I got is actually a shirt, not a dress.  It is called Sweet Romeo V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Hi-Lo Top.  I like these loose fitting flowy types of shirts.  I like how they styled the model with white shorts, so I did the same!

This shirt was only $22 as well.  It is soft and comfy.  Will be a very easy thing to throw on!  So I am pretty happy with my latest purchases.  =)


  1. I love so much the first dress. You 're very beautiful with that!!

  2. I love them too! Gosh you're better at shopping than I am. I think I will start trying to buy more dresses-I'm lazy too. Dressspiration. lol

    1. LOL! I love dressspiration!!! So cute... I highly recommend dresses if you don't feel like worrying about matching... It's changed my life lol. I used to buy jeans and tops a lot and I end up standing in my closet all day trying to figure out what to pair with what. It's really bad for indecisive people like me! :D


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