Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Portable Digital Food Scale!!! What A Lifesaver!!!!!

Ok you guys, I know this may sound a little OCD, but I think it's really important to weigh all my food so I know exactly how much I'm eating for each meal.  If I should eat 3 oz of meat for lunch, I want it to be 3 oz.. not 2.9, not 3.1... but 3 exactly lol.  I probably do go a little overboard on this.  But the point is, you can't really just eyeball because it is highly inaccurate.  I have been weighing my food for a long time now, so you'd think that I would be very used to knowing what an oz of meat looks like.  But you just never know!  Sometimes I take what I think is 3 oz of meat for lunch at work (we have a great dining facility), then I weigh it, and it turns out that I took at least 4 oz, if not more!  It's like people... sometimes you think someone weighs a certain amount and then you find out that they either weigh way more or way less.  Knowing exactly how much you are eating may not be as important for someone who is in healthy weight range, but for someone who is trying to lose weight or push their genetic limits, it actually is very important.  Every bite counts!  As they say, 6-packs are made in the kitchen.  You gotta know what you put in there.  My slightly-OCD self gets really really bothered when I am out at restaurants and have to rely on guesstimate.

I have a pretty good food scale at home, but it is a regular sized food scale and it'd be really silly for me to take it with me (but I've done it, don't judge).  So I decided to search for a smaller food scale that I could carry around in my purse, and I came across this American Weight pocket scale on amazon for only $6.81, and free 2-day shipping (at least for amazon prime members which I am)!!  Oh, and it even comes with the 2 AAA batteries that it needs!  I was skeptical at first, because it's just so cheap!  But the 275 almost 5-star reviews made me think that $6 is worth splurging to give it a chance.

Well... free 2 day shipping actually turned out to be free 1-day shipping, and I have been the proud owner of this nifty little thing for a couple weeks now!  In fact, I liked it so much that I bought another one yesterday and received it today!  Now I can leave one at work and leave one in my purse as a permanent fixture.

Look, it comes with a lid!  With instructions on how to use it written on the inside!  How awesome is that!!

The dimensions are 3.9 x 5.8, and 1 inch thick.  It's smaller than a regular sized calculator!  When the lid is closed, you cannot tell what it is at all.  It's very inconspicuous - I do realize that getting caught weighing your food may be a little bit embarrassing.  But it's so small that if you put a small bowl or plate on top it, it would be concealed almost completely.  The buttons don't make noise when you push them, so nobody would know what you are doing if they are not staring at you.

I was very impressed that it has 4 different measurement units.  My much more expensive full sized food scale at home only measures in gram or oz.  But this one does ozt and dwt in addition.  Ok, I have no idea what those are and probably won't ever use them.  But still.  This scale goes in 0.1 gram increments, which is pretty precise and jives well with the OCD part of me.  It can also be calibrated with a weight!  It really comes with a lot for only $6 including shipping.  Much more than I expected.  It also feels heavy and sturdy, not a cheap POS.  

So I cannot recommend this thing enough!  I'm actually thinking that maybe I should buy like 10 of them and store them away in case something happens to my 2!  LOL!  I'm scared that they are not making any money on this and will go out of business?!?  I think this is $6 well spent, it's such an eye-opener the first time you use a food scale.  If you do not use a food scale now, I highly recommend that you start.  And if you do, I highly recommend that you get a portable one as well, like this one!  It's almost free lol.  I believe there are times to let yourself go and enjoy food to your heart's content, but if you do that more often than not, you will never achieve your goal (unless you have freakishly good metabolism, which most of us don't).  So it does mean taking a little extra time and effort to ensure you aren't sabotaging yourself unknowingly.  We all know that it is much easier and faster to eat 100 calories than to burn it off at the gym!

Now I gotta start carrying some anti-bacterial wipes in my purse too to keep this thing clean! 


  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your size/fit reviews and photos! I just ordered some Splits59 stuff (they are having a bit of a sale this weekend) and I was able to feel confident about sizing because of your detailed reviews! It seems like we are almost exactly the same size (lulu4 except for 6 in the free to be :)) so I hope you continue shopping and reporting back!

    I have been trying to branch out from Lulu... my next brand to try is NeshNYC--have you looked at their clothing?

    1. That's great Sarah! I too, ordered some things from Splits59. 20% off is pretty decent... I also got some Lole tanks from their GiltCity promotion so we'll see how those go too!

      I was going to say that I haven't heard of NeshNYC, but after googling it I actually think I've read about their mesh leggings before. But I don't remember anything about it. Let me know how you like their stuff!


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