Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funday!

This week I continued my new routine, and it's going great!  I'm now pretty used to eating this much, carbs especially.  My weight has been very stable everyday at maintenance, but my clothes are fitting looser.  My workouts are going great too, I'm building up lots of strength fast!  For example, with the hip abductor machine, I started at 120 lbs two weeks ago and today I was doing 175 lbs easily!

I am following my diet plan without cheating at all.  In fact, I don't even have any cravings.  I can watch other people eat all kinds of sweet or salty junk foods and not even want to have a bite.  It's great!  The only meal I went out to eat this week was today for brunch.  I managed to still stick with what I should be eating - an egg white omelet with a whole egg added to it.  That's one of the greatest things about living in LA.  Restaurants are super used to these kinds of demands and they don't even bat an eye.  Oh, but this was the first restaurant I've been to that actually had stevia packets along with their regular sugar, splenda, equal, etc.  I was so excited that I took a picture!!  LOL!

I hope this means more restaurants will follow trend and I won't have to carry around my own anymore!  =D

Ok so here are this week's outfits!  I worked out every single day!

Monday 5/13
What I did:  Upper body weights, followed by 30 minutes of walking at 15% on the treadmill.  I figured out that if I bring my ipad with me and read email/facebook/real book, it becomes much less boring.  I used to do lots of HIIT, because I get so bored with steady state cardio.  I hope I can stop doing cardio completely.

What I wore:  Lululemon Stuff Your Bra tank in fossil/flash, Splits59 Ginger crops, and Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

Tuesday 5/14
What I did:  Break from weights, so just a 30 minute walk on treadmill at 15% again

Wednesday 5/15
What I did:  Pilates reformer class

Thursday 5/16
What I did:  Lower body weight workout 

What I wore:  Lululemon ocean stripe mellow lemon cool racerback (love this one!) with white Flow Y bra under, and the new Inspire crops in inkwell/burning yellow/mellow lemon that I fixed!  Adidas shoes again because they are the only shoes that I like to wear while lifting!

Friday 5/17
What I did:  Weights upper

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in power purple with very green Free To Be bra under it because I love purple and green together.  And power purple Run: Passion crops.

Saturday 5/18
What I did:  I took a barre class at Equinox, then did the gauntlet for 30 minutes.

As to and from, I wore one of my all-time favorites - the Swiftly 1/2 Zip in ultra violet!

Sunday 5/19
What I did:  Lower body weights

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in flash with Run: Empower crops in coal/passion.  I really love the color of this tank, but I can't believe that after all this time it is still bleeding!!!  At the end of my workout (I didn't even do cardio so I wasn't THAT sweaty) I lied down on my white towel which got almost completely dyed!  But I do really love these crops still.  They have so much more compression than power luxtreme of today...

I wore my Splits59 Cameron jacket as to and from.  I love this jacket.

I guess I only took one picture of my non-gym outfit this week, which was from today.  I went to eat and shop around in Santa Monica after my workout.  I wore the Alo off-shoulder top with Lululemon bubbulicious cool racerback under, and Abercrombie white jeggings and BCBGeneration Tapis sandals in pink!  Oh I also carried around my Chanel pink caviar purse (not pictured) so I was all pinked out!  

It's crazy that I didn't take a day off this week and I still feel fabulous!  Well, I really don't consider my 30 minute MISS workouts as actual workouts I guess.  So my workout schedule for next week looks pretty similar as well!  My first bi-weekly checkin with my trainer is tomorrow, so I'm curious what new food or workouts I'll be getting, if any!

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