Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Iron Mend Fabric Repair Kit Fixed My Inspire Crops!!!

I think this deserves a special post, in case you cut/snag your luon or luxtreme items (though not limited to Lulu fabrics) and need to make a seamless repair.  I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got a pair of inkwell/mellow lemon/burning yellow Inspire crops and when I was cutting the package open, I accidentally cut a little bit of the crop's gusset!  The cut wasn't very big, but definitely cut all the way through and I would not wear them like that for fear that it would only become bigger.  I also was very afraid to sew it since I don't know how the delicate luxtreme fabric would react to needle and thread.  So I asked on facebook and an awesome lady responded to recommend the Iron Mend Fabric Repair Kit, meant for scuba diving and sporting gear repairs.  She said she had used it to fix her crops before so I ordered it right away.

It literally is just a piece of neoprene patch.  One side has some kind of adhesive that melts when you iron it onto stuff.  But it was that easy!  You cut out an area that sufficiently covers the inside of the damaged area, and you just follow instructions and iron it on!  That way once you are done, you can flip it over right side out and the cut will completely disappear.  One thing I did differently was to turn the iron on a little bit hotter than the instruction said.  It worked wonders.  Now my Inspire crops are good as new!  Since the cut happened in the gusset area, nobody would ever see anything anyways.  And now I have an extra layer of fabric as reinforcement!  Here's what it looks like, I cut out a triangular area as closely matching the gusset as possible.  I believe it only comes in black, otherwise I would have got dark blue to more closely match inkwell.  But really who cares since it's on the inside of the gusset.

Tadaaa!!!!  Now I can wear these with confidence, hehe.  I am also very happy that since it's meant as wetsuit fix, it will not come off with sweat or wash too.  Now I can finally wear my crops!  I am so thankful to have gotten this tip!  This product at $9 and free shipping is totally worth it!  I have a substantial amount of patch left too, in case I do something stupid again in the future!

Update:  I washed them the other day and the iron-on fabric stayed perfectly in place!  


  1. Help! I found a small red spot on my QS Wunder Unders! Any idea what I should use to remove it? I'm scared to try stain removers and don't wanna put it in the wash for such a small stain since I've only worn the pants for less than an hour! :(

    1. When Lululemon bras bled and dyed my tanks before, I always use my Ecover stain remover (you can get it from Whole Foods). Always works for me. One time I had a lot of red dye on a white tank, and I soaked it in Oxyclean for like 3 days and it came out. So don't worry! It will come out I'm sure. =)

  2. I tried the Ecover but sadly it didn't work. Should I try soaking the WU's in Oxyclean next?


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