Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cute Linen Pants & Cutout Top from G by Guess

When I was in Santa Barbara this past weekend, I wandered into the G by Guess store on State St for some reason.  I guess I was feeling the ghetto fabulousness a little bit lol.  And I did see quite a few items that I would consider "ghetto fabulous".  But I was pleasantly surprised that they had these (just) fabulous linen pants!  I am forever looking for white linen pants that are not super see-through, and I've tried different price ranges from like Splendid to Forever21.  They were all without a doubt very very sheer.  But these were actually very acceptable!  I was wearing bright pink underwear and you could barely see them.  Plus, these pants are super cute too, and on sale for only $35!  They actually seem to be constructed pretty well, and the wide leg fit is exactly what I wanted.  They are the Calla Lily Linen Pants:

You can't really see the detail of the pants that well on their website since their photos are white on white.  But here they are on me also white on white lol (sorry I can't change the color of my door!):

I got these in size S, and the inseam on these is 32 inches so I can wear little wedges with them.  They are very comfortable, and I love the wide elastic waistband which is very flattering.  I am thinking of getting another pair in a different color!  They come in 5 other colors - black, tan, blue, yellow and pink.  I kind of want the pink ones!

There is also a shorts version, the Calla Lily Linen Shorts, also on sale for only $29.  Here's the blue color... I kind of want them as well lol.  Both the pants and the shorts would be so great for the summer!

I also got this cute little cutout top for only $9.  It is the Devin Cutout Tee, in a very soft, burnout type of material.  I've been loving tops with cut out backs lately, so I got this too!  The only color they had in the store was this bright salmony pink one - rouge pink.  But I see that they also have black and lime online, which are both cute too.  I don't like how baggy it fits the model though, I got it in size S and it fits me tighter.  I think I could even go down to a size XS.

This is how it looks on me:

And here are the black and lime ones:

For only 9 bucks, I kind of want to get both the black and lime one!  Hahaha... I really love the look of this top, and it could go with so many outfits.  It's a very "SoCal" kind of look.  I wore it around the house today and it was super comfy.    They offer free shipping for orders over $50, so I'm thinking I'll just get multiples of these things and stock up!  


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