Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lululemon Cool Racerback Power Purple & Heat It Up Bra Dune White

I went to Lululemon this weekend to exchange my Scoop Me Up Tank II in power purple for the cool racerback in power purple.  I still can't figure out why I'm not that crazy about the new Scoop Me Up, maybe I just rather have it in a cool racerback. 

I also bought the Heat It Up bra online in Dune White since it went to mark down.  I actually tried on this bra in the store a couple weeks ago and liked it, but didn't feel like paying full price.  I've been looking for another white bra so I thought this worked nicely.

I do like that the clasp is in front so it's easy to put on and take off.  You know how sometimes you have to wrestle with your sports bras to get them on/off??  The old Not So Deep V bra and Athletic Deep V tanks (used to have many of those) are notorious for that.  So I like this feature in the Heat It Up.  The material also feels more like a swim suit material to me for some reason, even though it's luxtreme.  Actually the style looks like a swim suit too!  But I'd assume that it would be quick drying.  

However, I didn't try it on with a tank over when I was at the store.  So when I tried it with a cool racerback over yesterday, I could see that the bra does not lay completely smooth under the tank.  Also, the cup size is pretty small and the cup insert does not have enough room to fit inside properly either.  So on one side it kept bunching up and creating wrinkles on the outside which you can see even with a tank over it.  I kept fixing it but to no avail.  Very annoying!  

Perhaps I should have sized up.  I got it in my size, which is a 4.  I would have bought a 6 but they were sold out of size 6 in this color.  I wasn't interested in the other colors.  It's weird because I don't remember having this problem in store, so maybe I got a bad one.  And of course it's non-returnable.  Haven't been having much luck with Lulu lately.  =(


  1. Oh no!! Sad about the Heat It Up Bra :-( I think you and I are similar sizes (I am a 4 in most tanks and bras, but a 6 in Free 2 Be) and I had to size up to a 6 in this one, it was more comfortable on my neck. I hate when straps dig in at the base of my neck/ shoulder. If you still have the tags maybe they'd let you exchange it, even if it has to be a different colour?

    I'm trying not to buy that power purple CRB since I have a Grapeseed one so I'm trying to tell myself that they're similar enough?

  2. Go back and grab smaller cups...it might help! I have the Run: Bound Bras in Sz. 8 and I had to put Sz. 4 cups in them, they work perfectly and don't show :)


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