Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Splits59 Dominique D Flare Leg Skinny Capri & Misty M Cut Out Pullover

For Memorial Day, Splits59 had a 4 day 20% off sale on certain items.  I had been eyeing the Dominique D Flare Leg Skinny Capri, so I decided to finally pull the trigger.  They normally run for $92, so with 20% off they become $74.  They are basically the capri length version of Splits59's very popular full-length yoga pant - the Racquel Classic Flare Tight.  I know a lot of people love these pants, but I don't think they would work for me because their inseam is 32.5 inches, and I need it to be more like 30 or 31 at the most (whatever Lululemon's regular length groove pants are works perfectly for me).  I don't want to buy them and then have to go get them hemmed, so I figured the capri version would be the best solution!

I ordered them in size small, and I have to say again that Splits59 makes very very nice tights.  Like the other 3 pairs I have from them, the fit and feel of these do not disappoint.  However, they look way more flared on me than they do on the web model.  I'm not sure if it's because of the way they were folded during shipping.  But I like the mini-flared out look.  I wonder if they will become less flared if I wash them?

I'm also not a fan of the logo placement right in the front.  It's sooooo obvious.  If the logo was hidden, I'd be able to wear them casually as well, because the style looks pretty much like skinny ankle pants. 

There is also a patch over the knee area, which I did not even see from the website.  It's not that obvious in person either, just surprised me. 

And another detail the website picture doesn't show is the back of the calves - they have a vertical band going down starting from around the back of the knee.

Other than these details, they also have a nice wide waistband with hidden pocket.  Anyway, so I'm not 100% happy with these.  But $74 is a good price... so I'm going to think about it and decide whether to keep them or not.  What do you think?  I do like that they are different from my usual tights that are fitted all the way down the leg.  I kind of wish I had gotten the Lululemon ones when they came out with this style a little while ago.  I never had the chance to go try them on and then they were gone.  But I think those could work better than these for street wear.

I also ordered the Misty M Cut Out Pullover in barberry (bright red).  This one I'm definitely returning. It looks horribly unflattering on me, which is too bad because I love the color and the french terry is very soft.  It actually says in the description to size up in this top, but I didn't read it when I bought it lol.  So I got it in size small.  Maybe that is my problem.  But the body of this top doesn't even fit tight on me, it just looks boxy... with weird pointy hem on the sides.

It looks much cuter on their model:

Oh well.  At $94, it is a little much for what it is anyway, even with 20% off.  So I'm not too upset about this one.  I'll save my money for something better to come along!

Now I just have to decide if I should return just this pullover, or both the pullover and the tights!  Such a hard decision!  Definitely first world problem.


  1. I know that when I buy something and can't decide if I REALLY like it, usually means I should return it before it's too late. If you're having second thoughts, take it back and buy something you love and can't wait to wear. You look good in pretty much everything I've seen you in, these pieces are 'meh'.

  2. That looks like a hoochy club top! Crops look nice on you, but I agree with the above poster, plan on returning if you're not 100% and save your money for something else.

  3. Thank you guys! I think you are right and I am going to send both back!

  4. Oh no I actually like this shirt on you! In fact I want to get one too lol! Would you say it's actually necessary to size up if it wasn't tight on you? Was it snug in the shoulders at all? Thanks!

    1. Well... it's not really snug in the shoulder since there isn't fabric there lol. But it is a little tough to pull up the sleeves all the way up the armpit. I'm not sure if they are supposed to go that high but it bothers me when they constrict my arms when I raise them. I feel like sizing up might make them really loose in the body though... but I do like how it fits the model which is definitely on the baggier side.


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