Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I am not really interested in football, so I am blogging during the game lol.  I did enter the square game (don't know the official name of this game) at work, so I need the 49ers to have a score that ends in 8 and Ravens end in 1.  Interestingly enough, that's my birthday!  But the odds of that is so small, I'm not counting on it.  Can you tell my lack of interest in this whole football thing?  Haha.  Beyonce is on right now though, I'm really not impressed by this half time show.  I think we just saw the end of Beyonce lol.

This week I continued to deal with my hand injury =(.  It's not getting any better!  I probably keep hurting it every time I workout, and really should get my lazy butt to see my doctor about it.  But instead I just lifted less weights.  Real smart right?!

Tuesday 1/29
What I did:  Weights, stage 2 workout A.  I did the gauntlet for about 15 minutes before weights though.  I think this is the last time I'll do stage 2, and will move onto 3 next week.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in caspian blue, with passion crops in bright blue and Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

As to and from, I wore my polar cream Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover and concord grape Dance Studio pants.  It was a cold night!

Wednesday 1/30 - Was going to workout, but napped instead.  =)

Thursday 1/31
What I did:  I went kind of crazy here.  I went to the gym first and ran for about 30 minutes.  I did 10 1-minute sprints, 5 on flat and 5 on steep incline.  I ran as fast as I could and I was really done for afterwards!  But then I drove to Bar Method and did a barre class there.  My legs were really shaking after that!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in polar cream clarity yellow, with centered energy bra in flash underneath.  For the running part, I wore my Run: Empower crops in coal/passion and Adidas shoes again.  It was a lot of running and I sweated a lot, and my flash bra dyed my yellow cool racerback!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've had this bra for SO long already and have washed it many many times, even soaked it in vinegar for a long time once as well.  And it still dyed my shirt during a 30 minute run!  This dye better come out of this tank!  Or I'll be even more upset about this and will be taking the tank to the store for a refund/exchange.  I like the print though.  =(

When I went to Bar Method, I changed into coal/alarming quilt groove pants, and Diane von Furstenburg Lana sandals.

And as to/from, I wore my Lift Your Spirits jacket.

Friday 2/1 - Rest day.  I typically can't make it to the gym on Fridays.  I'm just so tired from working all week by then!  But I did take a picture of my work outfit.  I wore my Mango pleated sheer shirt with Express studio stretch pencil skirt and Aldo Leanora peep-toe pumps.

Saturday 2/2
What I did:  I hadn't done this forEVER, but I took a spin class!  I seriously think it's been years since my last spin class.  I used to spin at least twice a week!  That was when I went to work later in the morning and had time to go workout before work.  Spinning in the evening is just not the same, so I stopped.  My butt is now hurting so bad from the bike saddle!  It feels like the first time after I took a spin class.  =)  I'm going to try to go more often on weekends.  It's a good workout! 

The weather here is so weird.  It is now beginning of February and it feels like summer!  It's been mid 70s and sunny the past couple days.  I think it's funny that I was wearing my Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover earlier this week, and then I went out with my short sleeve swiftly shirt yesterday!

Sunday 2/3
What I did:  I also decided to go back into doing pilates, so I went back to Pilates Plus today.  It was a good class!  I even picked up some toezies!

I loved my new tank for pilates!  It's so pretty.  I also wore my Lift Your Spirits jacket as to and from, although I really didn't need it since it was so hot out already in the morning.  I love this jacket though.  The brushed luxtreme on the inside is so comfy!  It's my fav!

Ok and that's it for my workouts and outfits this week!  Haha the Super Bowl got put on hold during the time I was writing this post because of a power outage.  Just started again.  Lol too funny.  I wonder how many people had heart attacks because of it.

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  1. This is totally random, but I always think it's funny when you say some of these tops make a person look pregnant. I just gave birth in December and my Lululemon Cool Racerback tanks were the only tops I could still wear throughout my pregnancy (worked out through 8 months) because they were long enough! Plus, I just discovered a new use for my Vinyasa scarf - nursing cover!



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