Friday, February 8, 2013

Two More Express Items Arrived!

The second part of my Express clearance order came today, and I must say that I am so-so about it.  I only ordered 2 things, a sequin-front tank and another pair of wide waistband Editor pants, in maroon.

The tank actually only cost me $9, and it's just a ribbed tank, with sequins all over in the front.  It's a pretty cute fit.  The length is long which I like.  I got it in the only color they had left in a size small, which was silver gray.  I could definitely make use of it.

The Editor pants though, I am kind of disappointed in.  The color is called "maroon" and they look promising online - I had hoped that the color would look more vibrant in person.  The best part is that I got them for only $19!  That's totally a steal since original price is $69.  They only had my size left as well, which is size 0.  But Express is not very consistent in their sizing.  I have 10+ pairs of these same pants in different colors hanging in my closet, and there is a pretty wide variation in fit.  These ones, unfortunately, fit very very tight.  Not to mention the "maroon" color really just looks brown in person.  Like a slightly reddish brown.  But nobody would see these and think that they are maroon.  I'm not too crazy about the color brown, but for the price I would have kept them if they weren't so tight on.  So, even though they are only $19, I gotta return them and spend my moolah on something else.

So I guess nothing too exciting here.  The tank is good but not something that blow my mind.  I guess I'll be going to Express over the weekend to recoup some money from my recent orders!

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