Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lululemon Halter Hoodie & Do It All Shorts

I went over to Santa Monica after work today because I wanted to take this sculpting class at the SM Equinox location.  I arrived early and had some time to spare so I walked over to Lululemon down the street to check things out and possibly get another Flashback Jacket in purple.  Well I did find one in purple in my size marked down, but I didn't end up getting it because there were so many other items there on sale!  I saw all the colors of the Swiftly Tech shirts marked down to like $34 but I already own them.  Ugh I've never really seen these on sale before because they usually got snatched up really fast in the stores around me.  So maybe in the future I shouldn't be jumping on them anymore.  I also saw lots of other stuff on sale, bras, pants, shorts, everything.  The Groove crop and Gather and Crow crops were 50% off which was a pretty good deal but I didn't get any because I like running crops better.  I would have considered the Astro Pants but they were only marked down $20 so I wasn't that tempted.  I also thought about getting more Wunder Groove crops but decided I didn't like the color enough - it was a weird pixel print on the waistband.  But anyway, looked like the whole store was on sale!  I wonder if this means a lot of new stuff will be coming.  Here's what I did get:

The Halter Hoodie in potion purple / whisper, marked down to $29.

I don't quite know what I will wear this to, but it was a pretty good deal for $29.  It's a cute hoodie to have around for the summer nights when it's too hot to wear a long sleeve but just a bit too chilly to wear a tank top.  I think this could work well as a to/from gym outfit.  The armpits go down pretty low on this one.  A good inch or two of my tank underneath peaked through.  But I don't mind that so much.  The cowlneck requires some messing around to make it look effortlessly fabulous.  I think it looks cuter having a little excess material in the front but I have a feeling the hood will keep pulling it down on the back.  I hope it won't choke me.

It fits a little large but I think it's meant to be a little baggy.  It doesn't come in a size 2 so I couldn't size down.  But I think the 4 is fine the way it is.  I did try on the angel blue color and it was a little smaller for some reason.  I think it did fit slightly better especially in the chest, but I didn't really want another blue thing.  I think wearing this hoodie might make me look like a school girl.  Hehe.

Since I got the Halter Hoodie in potion purple, I couldn't justify getting the Flashback Jacket in potion as well so I had to pass.  On a side note, I thought the stripes on the potion Flashback was white from looking at the pictures online, but it's actually light gray.

I also got the Do It All Short in passion because they were only $19.

I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with shorts in this color but for $19 I'll figure it out.  The way I reasoned with myself in the store is that even if I end up only wearing them around the house, they are still pretty cheap and I'll get my money's worth.  I just couldn't pass it up.  They also come in black, coal and white but those were regular price at $68 which is way too much for these. 

They are actually really cute on. I normally buy knee length shorts/crops or booty shorts so I don't own anything in this medium length. But I like the fit. My regular size fits perfectly. I think they would be great to just chill out in in the summer, going to the beach, hiking, tropical vacation, etc.  I've been buying things thinking they would be great for vacay because I used to travel to tropical countries a lot.  But let's be honest, I haven't been to one since my Costa Rica trip in 2007 so I don't know why I keep buying stuff for my "trip".  I bought the Explore Short back in January thinking the same thing and I haven't even taken the tag off them yet.  It's so depressing!  Maybe it's a sign I need to go somewhere soon!

My boyfriend looked at these shorts and said, "hey they look like your dance pants but shorts".  Well, actually that was the second thing he said.  The first thing he said was "good thing they were only $19" (making a face).  Then he said I looked like I was 60 trying to play shuffle boards. Ugh, whatever.  But they are just like my Dance Studio pants except shorts! They are the same material, and they both have the subtle pin stripes print!  But they fit looser in the butt and thighs than my Dance Studio pants.  These shorts are pretty comfortable I must say.  Very light and airy.  The waistband is very comfy too and doesn't dig in or anything.  Feels like nothing on!  I don't think that I would ever work out in these though.  They could almost be board shorts too.

Anyways, I feel like I should go visit other Lululemon stores this weekend since everything is on sale it seems.  Maybe I can find some goodies at other stores.  The Santa Monica store tends to sell out of smaller sizes really fast so it's not always the best place to shop for me.  But they made me happy tonight! 


  1. Funny, I also purchased the charcoal grey with angel accent flashback jacket on sale (below) and passed on the potion flashback on sale for the halter hoodie in potion on sale.

  2. haha...your boyfriend sounds like my husband. I appreciate the honest feedback sometimes though!

  3. awww I feel like I've become a Lulu nut... apparently I'm not the only one! =P

    and I agree, I do like to ask my boyfriend's opinion on things I buy and if he doesn't like something, I would definitely reconsider it. But sometimes he's just wrong! hahaha

  4. Hi, I'm looking for a halter hoodie, I realize you posted this like 3.5 years ago, but do you still have yours or could you point me in the right direction to find one? I'd be interested in yours if you're willing to part with it. Thanks :)

    1. Sorry Jenna, I already sold it a couple years ago. I guess the best way to find one is to stalk ebay? Maybe do a saved search and that way you'll get notified when one is listed... I haven't seen it on ebay in a long time though, but it's worth a shot. Also you could ask around in Lululemon facebook buy/sell groups. Maybe someone has one laying around they are not wearing and would be willing to sell it.


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