Monday, May 31, 2010

Lululemon Resale Value

I put 4 very gently used Lululemon items on eBay last week to get rid of them and try to recoup a little bit financially.  But I was so surprised at how high they were bid up to!  For example, my Run:Sport Henley that I bought for $78 back in November or so, sold for $83!  Wtf?  I couldn't believe people were willing to pay more than retail for used items..??  Wow.

I bought this shirt online before it went to the stores, and from the stock picture I thought the manifesto print would be a lot lighter.  But in person it is very "out there" and noticeable.  I felt like a billboard when I was wearing it.  So it's been sitting in my closet ever since.  Oh, and also since then I've discovered I'm not a fan of luxtreme running tops.  They ride up, and just feel weird on the skin.  I much prefer the running luon material.  I'm also not crazy about the fit of this shirt on me.  The neckline is too wide and opens up awkwardly on me.  I started the listing at $30 or so hoping SOMEONE would bid on it, but never expected it to go above $40 or $50.  So yay for me!

I also sold my Run:Ultra Shorts II that I have a hard time finding matching tops for.

These retailed for $54 but I pretty much got them for free since Lululemon messed up hemming one of my older tanks and gave me a gift card for it.  I didn't care for that tank too much anyway and was happy to get full price back so I bought the shorts with it.  I love the fit and color of these shorts.  But I don't have any tops that match it really.  I could only wear them with black, white, or light gray tops as I don't have any antidote.  So they really were just taking up room in my overflowing Lululemon dresser.  I was able to sell them for $45 which is a really good return!

Also sold a couple Flow Y bra and Hot Set Bra that I don't wear for about $35 each.  I'm really amazed at how well second hand Lululemon items go for on eBay!  Now I have even more reasons to shop at Lululemon knowing that if I get tired of, or change my mind about something after wearing them, I could get 90% to over 100% money back!!!  So I can just keep selling the old and buying new and not have to break my bank account.  Hehe.  Now I have to go and see what else I can part with.


  1. I am sure you probably know, but just in case you don't--there is a lulu exchange facebook page for buying/selling/trading new and gently used lulu. You can find lots of good things on there, just fyi :)

  2. Oh yes I think I did know that, but every time I've checked it and seen something I liked, they were never in my size! Thanks for the reminder! I will have to go on FB and check it out again. =)


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