Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Titika - Second Try!

I returned 2 tanks from my last Titika order.  Well, I "exchanged" one.  They don't really do exchanges.  So what you have to do is just return and then order another one.  Of course though, as I was "exchanging", I ended up adding a couple more items... haha.  I figured if they were shipping all the way to me from Canada, I might as well make it a bigger order.  =P

I ordered the March Bra which was on sale for only about $25 USD.  This is kind of a sexy style!  I wasn't too sure that it would work, but I thought the price was low enough to give it a shot.  I got it in black (it also comes in a floral type of print that I'm not crazy about), and also in size 4 which is the same as the Inferno bra I got in the last order.  I feel that both bras are made for ladies with bigger cup sizes (I'm a full B cup).  And the straps are not as tight as other sports bras I have.  So I have to wear the bra with the band sitting lower than where my normal bras hit.  That's a style also, I guess.  But I don't think it's meant to be that style.  Perhaps if I sized down to a 2, it would work better in the cups for me.  But I'm afraid of the band being too tight in a size down - I cannot stand tight fitting bras as they make me feel suffocated.  So maybe Titika bras don't work that well for me.

That said, I do like the design of this March bra, and I can definitely get use out of it since I just do weights most days now.  I would not run in this bra.  Here I am wearing it with my work skirt from the other day.  If you have a higher waisted skirt, you can totally wear this bra on its own and it would be a cute outfit!  I'm not brave enough to do that though lol.

Here's a close up of the bra:

It's actually pretty cute to wear under a tank - here I am wearing it with my Lululemon currant cool racerback over.  It definitely gives the outfit some edge and sexiness!

So I ordered the Monarch Tank last time in black, size S.  It turned out to be way tighter and shorter than I wanted it to be.  So I returned it and ordered size M instead.  I really wanted to order size L, for a looser fit.  But it was already sold out in size L.  So then I just decided to order the heather watermelon color in size L, to ensure that I'd have one that worked out.

Here's the black in size M - already a lot better than size S.

Though I really like it better in size L!  I'm glad I got it.  It's just looser everywhere, but as you can see - still not that loose!  This tank runs seriously too small.

I'll wear both, but I do wish the black one was L too!

Lastly, I got the Tulip Tank which is on sale for only $14!  It comes in white as well but that one is sold out in most sizes.  So I got the purple one in size 2.  The material of this tank is called polyamide, and it is very thin and kind of a burnout material.  This tank is very long, and it is a muscle tank style, with low armpit cut outs so it shows the color of your bra.

Here are some close ups of the material:

This is how long it is if I pull it all the way down - it's like a tunic!

The white one on their model looks like it has super low cut arm holes.  I think size 2 is my true to size at Titika.  So this model must be wearing at least 1 size larger.  I like the look, but I can only imagine how much longer it would be in the next size up.  I'm happy with the way mine fits.

I wore this tank for a weight session already, and I must say the material is very fragile (same as the Born tank I got last time).  The velcro on my Versa Gripps pulled on the tank a few times and it got super fuzzy in those areas.  I cut off the pulled threads and it looks better.  But I'd be very careful with it.  That's pretty lame, since I hate worrying about my clothes when I should be focusing on my workouts.  But at least it was on sale for only $15 so I can't complain too much about it.

Anyway, I'll definitely continue following Titika, but I think so far nothing I've ordered has given me that perfect, "to die for" kind of fit.  It's like the designs are cute, but something is always a little off here and there with the fit.  Though the price is low enough to overlook them.  I am curious about their tanks with built in bra, and tights.  So I'll likely give those a shot in the future.  But I'm definitely not declaring that this is the next Lululemon, because when Lulu gets it right, they really are the best.  =)


  1. I whole heartedly agree with your statement in the last paragraph: their designs are cute but the fit is less than perfect. That's a shame. But that Apollo tank on their website does look promising!

    1. I was totally eyeing that Apollo tank too! Hahaha... we have the same taste! =P

  2. thanks for doing this review! i have a couple things from titika and it was hit or miss with the sizing and the material. but i will keep following them too!

  3. i have 2 bras from titika in a size 6, but i find that the cups are a bit big as well. i'm a 36A/34B. i want to buy the March Bra, but i'm hesitant between staying with the 6 or going down to a 4. it's now on final sale, so i want to choose the right one! i feel the band on the 4 might be too tight tho. would you be able to measure the band width on your size 4 March Bra for me? i would compare it with the bras i own to make my decision. thanks so much!! :)


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