Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bags & Scarves from Bloomingdale's Private Sale!

If you live near a Bloomingdale's, you need to run there right now!  Their private sale started today, and there are some amazing deals!  I actually bought a couple scarves and a passport holder (because I travel a lot?  lol) a couple weekends ago during the pre-sale.  So it basically means you buy the items for the discounted price, but you can't actually leave the store with them.  You have to go back on or after the day the sale starts to pick them up (they don't charge your credit card until the day the sale starts).  I went to pick up my scarves today because I am going to San Francisco tomorrow for a few days and it is super cold there and I need them!  But of course when I got there, I had to browse through the purse section and found the large bin where everything was 40% off on top of sales price, PLUS the private sale discount!  It's like $25 off $100 or something, and goes up in increments the more you spend.  So I ended up taking 2 purses home with me!  I was going to give one to my mom and one to my grandma for Mother's Day, but I think I'll keep one and find them something else... lol!

This Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Canvas Dot Carson shoulder bag/clutch is the one I think I will keep!

This cross body/clutch bag is fun!  Most of it is canvas but the flap cover is cowhide.  I was kind of unsure about it, but one of the sales girls was wearing a black dress and she modeled for me using this bag as a clutch, and I was sold right away!  I need a clutch anyway.  The best part... it was only $70 after all the discounts are taken into account!  It retailed for $228, and Kate Spade has it on sale now for $159.  So Bloomingdale's is half of that.  It is totally totally worth it.

As you can see, the flap cover has a big zipper on it, and it is a huge pocket once you unzip it.  The bag is about a foot long, so it actually will hold a lot even though it's not very wide.

The inside has a zipper pocket on one side and smaller cell phone/misc items pockets on the other side:

I have started liking more and more designs from Kate Spade lately.  I used to think it was just for housewives from the South.  I have no idea why lol.  Actually, it's probably because my best friend from high school moved to Alabama and told me how this brand was the "it" brand for the ladies there.  That was a long time ago though, obviously!

I also got this Coach Madison Small Phoebe leather shoulder bag in chestnut for my mom!  I think she'll love it.  I wouldn't mind keeping it either, since it is such a good deal and it's rather cute!  It was only $110!  I think that's a great price for a pretty big leather bag.  The leather is really nice and soft, and it has soooo much room inside!  Perfect for my mom actually.  She is rather disorganized and having 3 compartments might force her to be more organized?  I don't know, maybe it would do the opposite and she'd never be able to find anything!  Whatever, I still think it's a nice Mother's Day present!  This is how big it is on me:

This chestnut brown color is a nice neutral, but there are also tons of other colors on Coach's website.  It's $358 on there though.  I don't see this color either.  Maybe it's an older color.  

I really like how this bag is a cross between a structured bag and a drapey one:

So there's 2 larger side compartments and one zippered one in the middle:

The zipper compartment is really quite big on its own too.  This bag will hold a lot:


Anyway, so what I really went there to pick up today was this Aqua Skull & Studs scarf!  It sells out super quick apparently, and they get a lot of requests to restock this print.  I happened to snatch it up when someone returned it last time I was there.  I don't know why I like this one since I'm not normally a fan of skulls!  It's also on sale, from $88 to like $40 something.  It is 100% wool.

The colors are tan and navy.  There are studs on some of the skull eyes at the ends of the scarf:

I actually had to pick up another scarf in order to qualify for the discount, so I got the Aqua elephant print circle scarf.  This one is cheaper, but it doesn't feel as nice.  I think I'll return it. 

It's pretty long, and can wrap around my head 3 times!

Lastly, I got this super cute izak passport case!  The print is "New York Mood".  I also saw a Tokyo one, and a few other designs.  I love New York and I like that the front cover has a shopping girl!  So I went for it.  It's not on sale, but it's only $30.

I think I might go back to Bloomingdale's while I'm in San Francisco this weekend!  There were a lot of other cute bags that I could have bought.  But sometimes I exercise self-restraint.  I want to look for another one for my grandma though!  There's still 2 weeks till Mother's Day.  Normally I scramble at the last minute trying to find something.  But thanks to this private sale, I am so on top of it this year!

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  1. Awesome haul. Where's the dress you're wearing in the pics from?

  2. I have this coach bag it's awesome. I think chestnut was out last year!

  3. That Coach bag is to die for! And just an FYI, Tory Burch has replaced Kate Spade as the current most coveted brand to don. Lol!

    1. Lol that makes sense! A lot of people wear Tory Burch in LA too...

  4. Would you ever be interested in selling this Kate Spade bag?? I love it! Will buy!


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