Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Week 2 of my new Get Glutes training program!  I think it went pretty well, and I continued to get pretty sore!  I really believe there's a lot to be said about switching up training programs and doing new exercises that the body is not used to.  This program calls for less weight training days than my previous program (3 days vs 5 days).  I also used to do three 30 minute cardio sessions a week and now I'm only doing 2 conditioning workouts.  They only take about 20 minutes each to complete.  So I'm spending less time at the gym.  But I'm still eating the same amount of calories, and not gaining any weight yet.  I'm going to monitor this for the next few weeks and adjust if necessary.  But so far so good.  =)

Monday 11/3 - Rest

Tuesday 11/4
What I did:  Strength training #1

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Athletica tank with Splits59 Nova capri tight and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in venom/turbo green.

Alo Yoga Exhale LS as to and from:

Oh yeah, it was election day, so I'm wearing the "I voted" sticker here.. haha!

Wednesday 11/5
What I did:  Conditioning #1.  I spent about 10 minutes jogging to warm up beforehand, and about 15 minutes on the gauntlet afterwards.  Just because the conditioning workout was so short so I had extra time!

Lululemon Turn Around LS as to and from:

Thursday 11/6 - Rest.  But I this is what I wore to work:  Pleione mixed media tunic in teal deepAnn Taylor Wild Jacquard pencil skirt and Sam Edelman Novato slingbacks.

Friday 11/7
What I did:  Strength training #2

What I wore:  New top, Puma Studio Yogini tank which I thought would have shown sweat really easily but I was wrong!  It was pretty great actually.  I wore white Lululemon Free To Be bra under, and Sweaty Betty Adrenaline ombre crops with Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in fusion pink/atomic mango.

I was glad this top is long, since the Sweaty Betty crops are like the sheerest pants you can imagine lol.  I only wear them sometimes because they are so darn cute.  I bought special nude undies just for them, but couldn't find them so I really needed the long top, haha!

Pink shoes match the pink stitching on the crops =D

Lululemon Journey jacket as to and from:

Saturday 11/8
What I did:  Well, I found out that my gym was going to be closed on Sunday which kind of messed up my plans of getting 5 workouts in.  So I had to combine Strength #3 with Conditioning #2 workouts.  Oh well.

What I wore:  New Puma mesh tank (love this too!) with Lorna Jane Somersault bra in sparkle black under.  Lululemon Run For Run crop in paisley embossed, and Nike Free Bionics.

I wore the Aiko Trudie top to the gym, because I wanted to wear it afterwards haha.  So I guess it's kind of my "to and from".

And here's the "after", with C Luce Moto jacket over, Joe's Jeans and Sam Edelman Mallory wedge pumps.

I love this jacket.  I'm truly a sucker for this type of python detail.  This jacket has it on the collars, shoulder and forearms.

So, today was rest day even though I wasn't planning on that!  But the building my gym is in had their annual fire safety test or whatever, so the whole building had to be shut down today.  Mondays have been my rest days lately, but I'll go to the gym tomorrow.  Glad this Tuesday is Veteran's Day which is a holiday for the bond market... which means I don't have to go to work.  =)

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