Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Order from The Limited

I never really shop at The Limited, I think the last time I bought something from there were work pants from like 3 years ago and ended up selling them.  But I think I saw an ad with pretty cute looking clothes from there, so I ended up browsing to their site last week.  Everything happened to be 50% off, even sale items, so I bought like $300 worth of stuff.  I'm going to keep some and return some.  Not a bad haul in general.

Oh yeah, they are having 50% off right now as well, but it says today only.  These stores are always having some type of sale though, so if you miss it, I'm sure you can wait a couple days and there will be another one.  I just never pay full price on anything from stores like Express, Ann Taylor and The Limited, since they all have sales so often.

So I'll start with what I'm going to keep.  Three pencil skirts!  I struggled with sizing, but this is where having a blog comes in handy!  I checked that I had previously ordered a size 2.  Also, when I'm not sure, I usually buy the second smallest size of all sizes offered at a store, and this approach seems to work out well for me most of the time.  For example, if the smallest size is 00 like at Express or Ann Taylor, then I go with size 0.  The Limited has the smallest size as 0, so I went with 2.  =)  It worked for me this time too!

First skirt I got is the Belted High Waist pencil skirt.  It's already on sale for $35, and I got another 40% off on top of it so it ended up being only $20!  It's actually really cute too.  But it's on the thin side and not lined.  I think for being the same price as Express or Ann Taylor, this store seems to have poorer quality.  Oh well, I love the design of this skirt.  It's got a cute belt that it comes with.

And here it is on me:

So I wasn't sure by looking at the photos, but the white part is a part of the skirt design.  The skinny black belt that runs in the middle is a removable belt.  At first I thought maybe the whole thing was a wide(r) belt.

This is a step by step of how the belt works lol.  I think it's a pretty cute idea.  So first, you put the two metal parts on top of each other:

Then you put the little key looking metal prong through one of the metal loops and that's how the belt stays in place:

And tadaaaaa!

This belt is actually pretty cute, though it looks a little fragile so I hope it doesn't break on me soon.

Next pencil skirt I got is also on sale, and it is the Lace Overlay pencil skirt in navy & champagne.  I just bought a couple lace overlay pencil skirts from Ann Taylor, but I like the color combo of this one a lot so why not.  It's also on sale for $55, but you will get additional 40% off which ends up at only $29.

Like the other pencil skirt, the material of this one is also on the thin side.  But sizing seems to be consistent.

Other than being thin, the lace quality looks decent.  

And the 3rd pencil skirt I got is the Faux Leather pencil skirt in dusty red.  This one is probably the nicest.  It's not on sale, but with today's special of 50% off original price of $70, it is still a pretty damn good price.

The color is really nice, it is a chestnut brown.  It is definitely the most sturdy feeling of the 3 skirts.  It's lined, and it also fits looser than the other 2.  Not loose enough for me to size down to 0 though.  I think I can totally wear this one to work too.

It shipped folded so there's the wrinkle line across it.  How do you get rid of wrinkle on this material?

And the last item I'm going to keep for sure is this cute Houndstooth dress.  I got this one in size 0 because it was the only one left.  Now it's showing sold out online.  I think this is in the new fall collection though, so it will most likely get restocked. 

I was worried the size 0 might be too small.  But it actually fits well in this dress!  It's still not tight at all.  I think I would have found size 2 to be too big, so yay!  I really like the houndstooth print, and I am also a fan of dresses with pockets.  This one is adorable.

I think it's a couple inches too short to wear to work.  But I'll still keep it and wear to other occasions.

The pockets are pretty big!

The back is solid black.  

It's got a zipper on the back:

Look how cute the pocket is:

Ok, next I have a "maybe".  This Belted Cowl Neck sweater dress.  I think it's cute, but it's kind of thick and I can't imagine when I would wear it in LA.  If I were going on vacation to a cold place I'd bring it.  But it's still $50 after the 50% off, and that's a little wasteful to have it sit in my closet most of the time.  So I'll most likely return it.  It's nice though!  I got it in size S.

The belt comes with it:

I actually kind of prefer it without the belt.  But then there's those two weird loopy things on the side where the belt would go:

What I'm going to return for sure are two blouses, another sweater dress and a belt.

First, the Lace Inset Colorblock blouse.  It's ok.  Material feels a bit too cheap though.  And I'm not overwhelmed about the design/colors.

I got size S:

The second blouse is kind of terrible.  It is the Colorblock Bow Blouse.  It feels even cheaper, and I have no idea what to do with those two thin black stripes.  They look weird hanging out like that.

On me:

And the dress is the Side Placket sweater dress in camel colorblock.  One of the online pictures shows it with the Turn Lock Waist belt so I got the belt too.

It's so "meh" in person.  I got size S and it's kind of too loose.  I just find it nothing special so I'll get my $50 back.  The belt is also whatever.

And that's my order!  I am happy to keep the first 4 items, but I don't think I'll shop at The Limited too often due to lower quality.  Maybe just once in a while type of place for me!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your haul and the 50% off sale at The Limited. Nice to know a new place online to shop!


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