Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two Boundary Tops - Undecided!

I got two Boundary tops from Hautelook that I can't decide if I want to keep or not!  I keep flip flopping lol.  I thought right before this post that I was going to return them, but now I am changing my mind again!  Haha.

The two tanks are the Phoebe Silk tank and the Shea Tee.

I got both tops in size S, which seems to be the right size.  I really like the design of the Phoebe silk tank, with the cutout details and double layered look.  But I think the neckline is kind of high and the cut around the waist is not particularly flattering.  However, tucking the front into a skirt or pants does make it look better because it's not as ballooned out.  I got it for $49 which is not super cheap, so I'm considering returning.  But I might just end up keeping it!

The Shea tee I got is polyurethane.  It's definitely a style that I don't already have!  I think it looks kind of cool.  But I'm not sure how often I would actually wear it.  When I put it on briefly, it felt very unbreathable even with all the cut out holes in it.  I think if I started sweating in it, it would be like sitting in a sauna lol.  For $60, I'll probably return it.

Anyway, kind of a fun top though!  But I think between the two, if I were to keep one, I would keep the silk one.  

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  1. Return them. If it's taking you this long to decide, you won't reach for them when deciding what to wear.


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