Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday again!  If you are in the US, you probably had a long weekend for 4th of July!  I had Friday off work, but for some reason this weekend still seems short and I'm still not looking forward to going to work again.  Nothing out of the ordinary of course!

This weekend was not the best for me, nutritional wise, since I ate a lot more crap than I normally do and only went to the gym 4 times this week!  So next week I'll have to work extra hard to burn it off.  :)

Monday 6/30 - Rest day.

Tuesday 7/1
What I did:  My work schedule required me to be at work an hour earlier than usual all week, so I only had 45 minutes max to workout beforehand (which is why my gym schedule was messed up too... booo).  So I did my lower body weight workout as fast as I could!  It basically means less rest time, which makes me very sore as a result.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Athletic tank and Splits59 Nova Capris with Reebok Crossfit Forging Elite shoes.  Though I love my new LJ tank, I found it to be a bad decision to wear it for lower body day - it was way too hot!  I guess it's not really a tank, but a short sleeve shirt.  So I'll reserve it for less sweaty workouts in the future.

Wore my Nike Dri-Fit Epic crew in deep night as to and from.  Though it's been soooo hot here lately that I didn't need it at all, even at 5 am.

Wednesday 7/2
What I did:  Shoulder/tri workout.

What I wore:  My new black Under Armour Achieve tank, with Lorna Jane Arena bra under.  Lululemon Run Fast Short in oasis, and Brooks Pure Drift shoes since the pink of the shoes are the exact same as the bra!  =D

Thursday 7/3 - Rest day.  But it was casual dress day at work, so I kind of wore the same outfit as the day before lol.  Random plaid button down shirt I bought in Greece, and new white Joe's Jeans in honey skinny booty fit that I am totally obsessed with.  And MaxStudio Elaine sandals.  And of course my Balanciaga City bag!

Friday 7/4
What I did:  I was like the first person at the gym on 4th of July!  :D  I had to get in my glute/back/bi workout, and a cardio session before getting busy with the day.

What I wore:  The other new Under Armour Achieve tank, in pink!  With Lorna Jane Clover bra under it.  Lululemon Pace Crop and my new pink Nikes!  They are super cool, I'll take more pictures and post about them in a couple days!

I don't know why I wore a long sleeve as to and from since it was like 80 degrees out in the morning, but it was the Lorna Jane Willow LS top.

Here's my 4th of July outfit (night time, though still didn't really need the jacket!) - Lorna Jane Emille seamless jacket over Splits59 Ashby tank in navy, and my new white Joe's Jeans fringe shorts, with Zigi Kickin wedge sneakers!

Saturday 7/5
What I did:  Lower body workout, followed by 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

Sunday 7/6 - Rest day.  Well, I still had my upper body superset in my weekly gym schedule to complete.  But I was tired from the weekend, and decided to just be lazy and hang out at home instead!  I probably should have worked out considering I didn't eat so well yesterday!  But oh well, it was really nice to chill and do nothing too.  But tomorrow, it is ON!!!  

Have a good night everyone!

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