Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Work Skirts!

I got two new skirts for work from ideeli.  They were only $25 each and I think they are pretty cute!  Although one of them might be a bit hard to wear, and that is this off-white Lulumarie skirt with applique detailing.  I love the way it looks though!

I got this skirt in size small.  It fits well in the hips and waist, but there's no slits and the material is not very stretchy!  So I have to take small steps while wearing this skirt lol.  I wonder though, if I could just take it to a tailor and create a back slit.  I really like it otherwise!  I think the mesh and applique detail on the front look really cute!  The length is also perfect.

The second skirt I got is by Calvin Klein, and it actually also doesn't have any slits.  But the material is quite stretchy, also it fits on the loose side even though it is a size XS.  So I have no problems walking in it.  It's actually very comfortable.   I like the red shoes with this outfit!

I really like the visual effect that the different stripe width gives.  It actually reminds me of my French Connection Bambi dress:

I love the dress, but I can't wear it all the time because of where I live.  So now I have the skirt equivalent that is much more wearable!

I've been wearing skirts a lot to work lately.  I guess I find them easier to wear, especially when it's 80-90 degrees out.  I also love the fact that they allow you to show off your shoes!  =D

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  1. You won't be able to get a back split in that first skirt, there's no seam on the back at all so there'll be no seam allowance that can be used. You might be able to get a side split though but that all depends on how much fabric is in the seams.


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