Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Order #1

I received the first of my Nordstrom anniversary sale orders that I made last week.  Shipping was actually quite fast - I ordered on Friday and received today.  I'm not that stoked about any of the items though.  Ahhhh... I was so excited about them too!

The only thing I might keep is the Sam Edelman Palma suede sandals.  I was expecting them to be a tan color, but they are actually more of a taupe color which doesn't look all that great with my skin tone I think.  Plus, I feel like I already have a couple pairs of shoes in similar style.  I do love the look.  They are not super comfortable like my other Sam Edelman shoes with big platforms.  But they are not too bad considering how high they are.  Definitely not something you'd want to walk a lot in though.  Again, my biggest peeve with these is the color!  I know they also come in black, but I don't want black ones.  So, I might save my $100 and return them.  I'll think about it.  After the sale, they will be $160 though!

This is what they look like on me - the color is more gray than tan in person, unlike the warm tan color as shown in their photos.  I do think they are cute though - and true to size - got them in my regular size 6.

I like that there is a zipper on the inside, so you don't have to bother with the ties every time when you put them on or take them off:

The heel is pretty - and they are 5 inches!  Seriously, considering they are 5 inches with no platform, they are actually pretty comfortable.  But it is all relative of course.

The second item I got was this Donna Morgan snake print and textured faux leather sheath dress.  The anniversary sale has it at $118 instead of $178.  I really liked the color and print, and I thought it would be a great fall dress.

At the time I ordered, the smallest size they had was size 4.  I have never tried this brand before, but I generally wear a size 2 in dresses.  But I got it anyways because... well it's Nordstrom and they have a great return policy.  I figured that if it ran small, a size 4 would be fine.  Besides, I don't mind it being a little loose.

Well, turns out it is just a little TOO loose.  The side view is especially awful - just like a sack:

Front and back views are not too terrible, though a little baggy:

Ehhhhh... I can definitely do better for $125ish after tax.  It just doesn't work.  I do like the color and texture.... and pockets!!  It's too bad there is no size 2!

Lastly, I got this Lush Lace Shoulder tank from the junior department.  It's only $21, but regular price is also only $34.  I thought it would be a cute tank to wear with shorts or skirts, or even to work under a jacket.

Well, their pictures are very misleading in my opinion, since they show the tank tucked into the skirt.  I expected a regular length tank, but it turned out to be one of those short and flowy things that is all the rage right now to pair with high waisted shorts/pants/skirts.  I hate it.  It doesn't give anyone shape.

I tried to mimic the leather skirt look... Buahahaha....


Ugh, this tank is ridiculous on me.  I never....

Print/color and lace shoulder details are cute though - this tank had so much potential...

Anyways!  Looks like I might end up returning everything in this order.  I'm so disappointed!  Let's see if I have better luck with the next package...

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  1. Sorry you're bummed about the order- on the plus side though now you get to be excited again for more shopping because of all the money you're getting back after return :-)

    1. Yes very true! I keep looking for other things to buy on their website and just can't find anything else I like... lol

  2. It's always so disappointing when you think items are awesome online and they don't live up to expectations when you receive them! My husband has given up trying to keep track of what I keep since I return so much -- the majority of my shopping is done online due to the rather limited selections I have nearby.
    I actually found better sales on the sale rack at the Pre Sale than I did at the actual sale this year overall...lol.
    Look forward to seeing Round 2! Hopefully it will be better :-)

    1. I shop online a lot too because I'm too lazy to go to the stores... lol! I hate LA traffic and having to circle around for parking spots... much easier to just click "buy" online! Hehe.

      I don't have a Nordstrom card so I couldn't do the pre-sale. I'm thinking of getting one.

      Ugh, second package has been stuck somewhere in Iowa for the past 3 days according to the tracking info. :(


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