Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Not So Great Order...

My bad streak continues with my ideeli purchase from last week that just arrived.  I had ordered a Sharagano dress with arrow print which I thought would be nice for work.  It turns out to actually resemble little heart shapes more than arrow shapes to me, which I find a bit immature to wear to work.  The fit is also weird on the bottom half - kind of between a "pencil" fit and a "fit and flare" fit.  It doesn't look nearly as cute on me as it does on this model:

I feel like the skirt portion looks a lot more fitted on the model.  On me, there's a good 2 inches on either side of the hips.  I got a size 2, and the top and waist fit well, so I don't think it's a sizing issue.  I think it just has a weird cut that doesn't work for me.  Not sure if you can tell based on this pic, but it fits very loosely around the hips:

This one is probably easier to see:

Also can see it from the back view:

Side view is not bad actually:

Ugh, no likey.  Here's a close up of the print - the white part really stands out to me like little hearts.  It doesn't look as obvious on their pictures as it is in real life, I think.  So I'm going to have to return this dress.

I also got a New Balance Anue Chai Doman Sleeve top.  I guess "Anue" is the New Balance yoga line.  This top is actually not bad at all, but the front print just screams "yogi" to me which is not really me.  I think I'll keep it though, because it's comfy and the back is cute.

I got it in size XS because in my experience, New Balance tops always run so big.  This is what it looks like on me.  The color is called "seed pearl".

Here's the "yogi print" on the front lol:

Whatever, it's subtle enough.  The back is burnout material - the design shows off my tattoo.  =)  

I'm not sure if I would wear this top to workout in.  I think I might keep it as a casual top.  It's made of a blend of polyester, cotton and modal.  Not too thin and on the soft side.  But I feel like the material wouldn't really be nice to sweat in.  Just a hunch.  

I'm still waiting for my second Nordstrom anniversary sale order.  The tracking number says it's been stuck in Iowa for the last 3 days!  Hopefully my unsuccessful online order streak ends here.

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  1. The chevron really do look like hearts. I thought it would be one of those things that you would squint and sort of see hearts but no, I immediately saw hearts. How does the dress from the site look like it has chevron and not hearts?

    1. lol I felt the same way... they look way more obvious in person.

  2. I thought hearts are fun. I won't mind them.

    1. I just don't think it's that appropriate for work... and the color contrast is kind of too obvious for my liking. =/

  3. Think that depends on what kind of image u want for work and the work culture. If its prim and proper for work, might portray that u r a no nonsense, by the book kind of person. If there is some fun, frivolity, cuteness, etc injected in working wardrobe, then might appear to be more approachable to ppl.

    1. I think my work culture is pretty serious. I work in finance, and with mostly men. The women that work with me wear really boring stuff. Like black/gray/white colors mostly and no prints... I'm already so "out there" lol. Don't think hearts would fly.


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