Saturday, July 24, 2010

Diesel & ZOA Stuff

I don't know what it is lately, but Ruelala and Hautelook keep having these blow out deals of stuff I like!  So I've been spending money there.  I ordered some stuff from Ruelala last week, and they arrived today already!  Very happy with the shipping speed with my few Ruelala orders.  When I made my first purchase with them back in January for my Koolaburra boots, it took at least a month to arrive!  My last three orders all came super fast so I'm glad they have been improving!

I got the Diesel Faccyo black shorts and Diesel Tafy Singlet top.  Love them both!  So I basically bought this whole outfit, for $29 each piece!  The retail price for the top is $80 and for the shorts is $95.

Here's the detail of the tank.  I love the print.  In person it looks exactly as I expected from these pictures.

I like the V neck style on both front and back of the tank.  I got a size XS and it still fits pretty loosely.  But it's a flattering fit, not baggy.  The material is soft and light weight.  I guess it was designed to be flowy!  The bottom of the tank has a gathered hem so it's designed to be cinched in.  I was wondering if that would be the case or not when I ordered it because I couldn't tell from the pictures if they styled it that way or the tank was made that way.  I really like it.  This way the tank doesn't bag out on the bottom.  It looks really good with the shorts and some high heel sandals too!  But it can also be dressed down of course.

The shorts are pretty awesome.  I ordered one size up because I didn't want them to fit too tight, or have my butt half way hanging out.  And it turned out to be a quite perfect fit.

It states that these shorts are made of 95% cotton and 3% spandex.  Wonder what the rest of the 2% is??  They are softer than I had thought.  They are not as tight on me as the model since I sized up, but not too big either.  I kind of think they fit too tightly on the model because you can see the fabric stretch marks on her butt cheeks and digs in on the bottom of her butt!  I just don't think that's a good look for me.

It's interesting that the front zipper goes diagonally across.  I don't think I've seen bottoms made like this before.  The side seam details of the gun metal toned grommets and ribbon trim is really cute.  They are on both sides.  You can't really see on the pictures, but along with the regular side pockets, these shorts also have a zipper pocket on the front right side.  And it's a pretty decent size too.  The zipper pull of that pocket has some really fancy graphics carved in and it's really different.  I like these little details!  The cursive Diesel logo is a hard black plaque on the back waist.  The waistband also has belt loops so that is always a nice feature to have.  I think belts can definitely add distinct looks to an outfit and make it look more dressed up.

The length of these shorts are perfect too.  The inseam is about 2.5 inches which is still short, but long enough to prevent the unattractive look of riding up in the middle of the inner thigh area.

I love these shorts so much I now wish I had bought the white ones too!  They were also on Ruelala for $29.  Grrrr!  Seriously you can't really get Diesel shorts for this price anywhere else.  I should have just grabbed them!  They are made so well too with all these details.  Definitely kicking myself in the butt right about now!

I also got a ZOA Antigua Print Silk Tank.  I wasn't sure about the print exactly, but it's a 100% silk tank that was priced at $29 from $117.  So it's a pretty good deal too!

So yeah, this is definitely an interesting print and I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.  Then I decided that it would be cute to wear under a jacket, even maybe for work under my suit jacket.  I will have to try that one out.  As I'm sitting here looking at it, it's growing on me!  Either that or I'm trying to make myself fall in love with it.

I got this tank in size S because I figured silk doesn't really stretch and I didn't want it to be too tight.  I like the looseness of the tank on the model.  The S fits me well, but perhaps XS would have been fine too because the scoop back has elasticized ruching to adjust level of fit.  But no worries, I like the flowy-ness of this tank.  It's also interesting because the back half of the bottom hem is lightly cinched in while the front half is not.  I don't know if it was on purpose or it just happens to fit me that way.  I actually kind of like it since without the control on the bottom, the tank would probably be flying up when there is a breeze. 

Anyway, the exaggerated drapping of the tiered bust is ultra feminine.  Almost a little too feminine for my taste.  But once again, I think it will be cute under a jacket.  

On a side note, I also ordered a hoodie for my boyfriend.  It's from the brand called Original Penguin which he really likes.  They have some really nice looking stuff that would work great for a put together, cosmopolitan type of guy in his 20s or 30s that cares about how he looks without being "metrosexual" or too avant garde.  This brand appears on Gilt once in a while, but the prices are normally still not that attractive.  However, Ruelala was having ridiculously good markdowns, but since I was focused on shopping for myself right when the sales started, by the time I got to the men's section, the Damarion Hoodie was the only thing left in his size that wasn't sold out!  And it was going for only $29 as well, down from $89.  I guess everything on Ruelala that day was $29?  All the sold out Original Penguin stuff were cheaper though.  You could get shirts and jackets for $10-20 and shorts for $15ish.  That's like cheaper than Target prices.  Lol.

I really like the look of the heathered cream colored textured thermal knit pattern.  The lining including the inside of the hood as well as the strings are light gray.  The Original Penguin logo is embroidered light blue on the left chest.  It's super soft and comfy and yet sophisticated at the same time.  My boyfriend loves it and I really like it too!  I even tried it on and it's actually pretty cute on me!  Works great as a "boyfriend hoodie" look.  Very cozy!  Hmm... might have to steal this one some time!

Anyways, I love all the stuff I received from Ruelala.  What a great feeling when your online orders all look great and fit well!  Sometimes I just have the complete opposite experience!  It makes me even happier that I scored such great deals too!

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