Monday, July 19, 2010

Laura Mercier Illuminating Blooms Shimmer Bloc Compact and Lip Plumper in Persimmon

The other half of my Laura Mercier order from Gilt finally came today.  I got the Illuminating Blooms Shimmer Bloc Compact just because it's so pretty!

There are different shades of shimmery pink, silver and gold colors and the flower blooms shapes are so cute!  This thing works extremely well - may be too well.  It adds a soft, illuminating glow to the face or cheeks, and the color blends very evenly with the complexion to give a natural, beautiful, sun-kissed skin.  I literally looked like I just got in from a day out at the beach.  The shades of pink are nice to add some life and color over my everyday foundation or powder.  I say it may work too well though because I think it's pretty easy to over apply.  I just used my big powder brush and went over different parts of my face.  I looked just a little too shimmery and shiny, which can also be interpreted as having oily skin.  So I would have to be very careful when I apply it next time, and I think I need to avoid applying it on my nose.  Just the cheeks will do - a little will go a long way!  It's like a natural blush!  

I also got the Lip Plumper in Persimmon color.  

The color was described as a coral pink shade.  Sounded pretty.  But it looks a little bit orangey in person.  This is what I hate about online shopping!  The color on different monitors always look a little bit off.  The color is not bad, but not my favorite.  I'm used to more natural or more pink type of colors.  I don't make statements with my lip colors.  I don't know, maybe this color will grow on me. It does look better when I wipe off the excess color with a tissue as well.  I don't know why I bought this thing.  I must've been just so happy that Laura Mercier was on Gilt and made an impulsive purchase.  It wasn't even that cheap.  Most lip plumpers just numb my lips like crazy, I guess that's how they make your lips swell and look "plumper"!  But the numbing factor with this lip plumper is not bad at all.  It also doesn't really plump though.  I guess it's more like a regular lip gloss to me.  Oh well, I hope I will be able to get some use out of it!

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