Friday, July 16, 2010

Samsung WF330ANW Washer & Dryer Set

Finally my washer and dryer were delivered today!  Gosh it's tough to go without doing laundry for 3 weeks.  My boyfriend ran out of clean clothes long ago, but I still have tons of clean underwear and clothes left.  Hmm... maybe it's a sign that I have too much! 

Anyway, I've never owned any washer and dryer before because every place I've lived in had them.  So I don't really know anything about which ones are good or bad.  All I know is that all the apartments I lived in before had top loading ones except the last one which came with front loading ones.  And I realized that it makes a huge difference!  So I knew that I definitely needed to get front loaders.

I did some research online before going to the store to see which brands I should be looking at.  Surprisingly Samsung came up as the number one from all the consumer tests and reviews.  I say "surprisingly" because I didn't even know Samsung made home appliances.  I thought they just made TVs and cell phones.  Hehe.  But apparently their washer and dryers are very quiet, use less detergent, and are water and energy efficient.  Also the clothes come out very clean and nice of course. 

So I knew to look for Samsung when I went to the store, but also wanted to price compare and see if there were other brands that were cheaper.  Well I guess there are so many different models and their prices differ a lot.  AND, any color other than white cost a lot more!  Even if they are the same exact model.  What the hell?  White wasn't my first choice of color, but I wasn't about to pay $500 more for "ice blue" or some crap.  They are always in the laundry room so who cares?  Still I thought that was pretty lame.

Anyway, after spending like an hour just staring at different washer and dryers at Best Buy as well as Sears, I decided to go for the Samsung WF330ANW washer and matching dryer.  They were among the cheaper front loading machines available, I think mainly because the dryer is not a steam dryer.  But I think these will be plenty fine.  All I ever do is wash stuff in cold water on delicate/hand wash cycle anyway.  So I don't need too many settings.  And I don't even dry a lot of my clothes, sometimes I just air fluff them or use the "rack dry" setting.

They are pretty big too at 4.3 cu. ft. and 27 inches wide each, which is great because I tend to accumulate lots of laundry before actually doing them.  And I can also comfortably fit bedding in them.  The quietness is a big factor for me since I live in a condo, not a house, so the size of the laundry area is limited and is actually a part of the "master suite".  The last thing I need is a loud ass machine that shakes every time I wash my clothes. My boyfriend already did like 3 loads of laundry right after the delivery/installation guys left.  So far so good!  Very quiet and clothes came out looking great.

I'm happy that these are energy efficient to save the Earth and bills in the long run.  But also, the LA Department of Water and Power is giving $300 credit to anyone who buys an energy efficient machine right now.  Plus some other smaller rebates like from the Gas Company and whatnot, which really do add up.  The whole set was about $1600 after taxes and stuff.  With the $300 back, it will be a pretty damn good price.  Hope this check comes soon!

Hmmm I think I just need to get one of those folding board thingies that lays on top of the washer/dryer, then I'm all set!  I think this is the first time that I'm actually excited about doing laundry tomorrow!

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