Monday, July 12, 2010

Laura Mercier Travel Brush Set - 6 Pieces + Leather Bag

I ordered some Laura Mercier stuff from Gilt more than a month ago, some of it finally came today!  The rest are still on their way I guess.  Today I got my 6 piece Travel Brush Set that came in a brown leather bag.

Obviously the brushes are travel sized so the handle parts are shorter than normal brushes.  The brush heads are regular sized though, which is nice.  I also like that they come in a nice leather bag so it doesn't look cheap.  The dark color of the lining is good since makeup tend to leave residue and make fabric dirty.  The bag is pretty flat and thin when it's closed up, and can easily fit into any purse or luggage.  The extra pockets on the inside pockets will come in handy too to store some little makeup and things like that.  I normally use MAC makeup brushes and love them.  I've tried many different brushes and none seemed to compare to the MAC ones.  I haven't tried any of the brushes in this set yet, but so far they feel pretty soft and look to be made of good quality.  I'm a fan of most Laura Mercier products so we'll see about these!  They were on sale for $40 on Gilt, which is a pretty good price for 6 nice brushes.  I also had some credit on Gilt for referring a friend or something, so I ended up paying only $25 after shipping - can't beat that deal!

The 6 brushes are: 

*Cheek Color Brush:  A natural-haired brush sized to perfectly shape the cheek bone.
*Eye Color Brush:  A soft 100% natural brush perfectly sized to apply powder shadows to the eyelid and brow bone.
*Double-Ended Eye Brow Brush:  Perfect for precisely shaping and filling in larger areas on eye brows.
*Flat Eye Liner Brush:  Contains synthetic, firm bristles narrowing to a thin, flat line to ensure the most exact placement of Eye Liner.
*Ponytail Brush:  A natural brush with soft, medium-length bristles formed at a slight point ideally used in the eye crease.
*Secret Camouflage Brush:  Perfectly shaped for precise application in the tiniest areas - shadows, corners of eyes, tiny scars or blemishes.

Cool.  I pretty much have my whole face covered with this set. 


  1. Curious to know if you've ever tried bare minerals/bare escentuals brushes - and how MAC, Laura Mercier compare. I have a Bare Mienrals "handy buki" brush which is pretty firm, and I recently got the Flawless application brush which is looser/softer. I have not experimented much with brushes though.

  2. Is that the buki brush with a long handle? I've never tried that one. I have the MAC buki with a short stubby handle and really like it. I think the brush head is much bigger than the BM one. And it's denser than most buki brushes out there. So soft too and covers really well. I don't claim to be an expert at makeup brushes, but I've found that the MAC ones are just outstanding and you can easily tell the difference in application. So they are worth the $$$. I did try the Laura Mercier cheek brush this morning and it still doesn't compare to MAC! But the eye shadow brushes look pretty good so I still have hope. I think Bobbi Brown also has good brushes but on the expensive side as well. I think I will just hold out for MAC brushes in the future though. Better stick with what I know is best! =)


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