Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Isopure in a Tub

I wrote about my favorite whey protein - Isopure (by Nature's Path) back in Feb.  I've been getting them from Vitaminshoppe.com forever.  I always got the 3 lb bottle which would last me about a month of 1 scoop a day. 

Since I order them so often, last week I decided to get the gigantic tub sized one!  It just arrived today.  It's almost 8 lbs!  It was $89 (vs. 3 lbs for $36) so I save like a dollar when I average it out to get the price per pound and compare the two prices.  I do save on shipping cost though since it's a flat rate no matter how many pounds you order.  I really just did it for the convenience rather than savings though.  But it's weird, I'm looking on their site now and they are priced at $105!  That makes it not worth it anymore.  Why would you price the bigger size product at more $$ per pound than the smaller size???  That just doesn't make good business sense.  Buying bulk should always equal lower price per unit.  I guess they rather you spend $36 than $89! 

Anyway, this should last me almost 3 months.  The tub just arrived today and I think it's really funny how big it is.  It makes me feel like I should be a muscle head or something to buy protein that comes in this portion!  Hahaha


  1. oh I just mix one scoop a day with water - it's usually my 4th meal/snack of the day and I have it with 12 almonds =)

  2. It is also great in a smoothie. Take some strawberries, blueberries, soy milk, 1 or 2 scoops of the whey, a few ice cubes and blend all together. Can always add in fat free puddling cup or Greek yogurt to add thickness.

  3. How does the whey protein/water mixture taste? I'm looking to buy something like this for the first time, but just to supplement my post-run smoothies which usually consist of a banana, yogurt or kefir, some other kind of berry, some flaxseed, and sometimes a scoop of peanut butter. Trying to figure out what brand/flavor to try.

  4. My Isopure protein tastes great and mixes smoothly, and can be pretty thick if you don't use as much water. Kind of like chocolate milk haha. I love using it in smoothies too. You really can't go wrong with Isopure. I've mixed vanilla and chocolate flavors in smoothies. They are both good but I think I prefer chocolate. I wrote a longer post about Isopure before, but my nutritionist who is also a body builder and personal trainer won't use any other brand but Isopure because she swears it is the best - less chemicals, additives, etc. So this is the one I use!


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