Friday, July 30, 2010

Voom by Joy Han

Another one of my Hautelook orders came in the mail (I still have a few on the way!) from Voom by Joy Han.  Ok I may have to rescind my previous comments about Hautelook because they have been stepping up their game and having tons of great stuff lately.  I've been able to find some things I couldn't resist to purchase every couple days, and I've also been neglecting Gilt and Ruelala.

Anyway, I LOVE Voom by Joy Han.  It's such a cute, feminine and FUN line!  The designs are always chic, the colors bright and the prints bold.  It's so different!  While some of the designs I would not wear, I find a lot of it super interesting and cute.  Joy Han launched her line with her husband in 2002 as the sole designer and it immediately caught a lot of media attention since it was loved by celebrities like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton (I think this is like her fav line, she's always wearing it!), Kim Kardashian, the girls from "The Hills", etc. etc.  So it's always in fashion and celebrity magazines.  This line is now sold at stores like Saks Fifth Ave, Bloomingdales, etc.

I read one of Joy Han's interviews where she said she aimed to make clothes that were not the "it" trend of the moment, but pieces that could last throughout different seasons.  That's my kind of girl!  When I saw her line being marked down by 90% or more on Hautelook, I had to snatch a few pieces!  Actually I wish I had gotten more!  But it was hard because so many other people were trying to add things to their carts when this brand went on super sale, and I had only 15 minutes to purchase an item once I finally placed it in my cart or else it would leave my cart to be purchased by some other fanatic who's furiously clicking "add to cart" in the hopes of snatching it when it becomes available for a micro second.  Definitely makes buying multiple items a rather difficult task.  Making separate transactions is kind of out of the question on Hautelook unless you are willing to pay shipping multiple times.  It's not like Ruelala and Gilt where you get free shipping for the whole day after you make one purchase.

But, here's what I got, the English Garden Cami Top in powdered pink, 100% silk and gorgeous.  I got it for $19!!  Original retail price $108!

I loooovveeee the back of this cami.  But I have to say that it is really hard to put it on and make it look like that!  Well, luckily I think it only requires much adjusting the first time you wear it.  The reason it's so hard to put on is becasue you have to completely arrange the back by yourself.  So basically you start with the two shoulder straps on the front, take them to the back and have to tie them once at the back of the neck.  Then you let the straps drape down the middle of the back and end at this hole on the area inside of the bra line where the back of the shirt starts.  Once you put the straps through this little hole, you then have to tie them together and make a bow, all the while having to make sure the length of the straps is left exactly right, otherwise it will either pull on your neck from being too tight, or your boobs will be popping out from the very low cut front from being too loose.  Ok I don't know if any of that made any sense, but just trust me, it was hard. 

But after I fiddled with it for like 30 minutes, I got it to tie at the perfect length and it's so cute!  The print is adorable, and even cuter in person than the pics I think.  The print is more muted in person I suppose, so it creates a more cohesive look with the background.  The background color of the fabric is a very light and pale pink.  There's a hidden zipper closure under the left armpit.  It is also a little hard to zip up without help from someone else.  I got this cami in a size S because silk items don't stretch at all and I rather have it too big and having to take it in than too small and can't do anything about it.  But they sent me a XS.  It actually fits, but a little tight in the chest which is probably why I was having a bit of trouble zipping it up by myself.  Once it's zipped though, it doesn't feel too tight.  The body is loose and long.  Really long actually, like covers my butt completely.  So maybe I will have to take it in to get it hemmed a few inches shorter.  We'll see.

I feel like I've been buying lots of silk camis lately so maybe I should stop.  But $19 was really a great price!

I also got the Magazine Print Mini dress.  This one is so different and very cute too.  The retail price was $280 but I got it for $29!

This dress seems very "French" to me.  It's also made with 100% silk, but the inside lining is definitely not silk.  I don't know what it is because it doesn't state that info anywhere on the tag.  I got this one in a size S as well, and they did send me a S.  But maybe it's too big.  I don't know, but it doesn't fit me like it fits the model.  The shoulders, chest and arms fit well, but it feels too baggy in the waist and hips.  I could take in at least an inch on each side.  I know it's meant to fit loose, but I don't like really shapeless dresses either.  Now that I'm inspecting the pictures more closely, I think she might have put her hands on her waist to make the fit look better for the photos by creating more of a waistline.  And the photo of the back looks like she has her arms really close to her body, I bet she was using her arms to hold the extra fabric in the front!  Well, it's nothing a good tailor can't fix.  Although the dress doesn't have any zippers, so if I got the waist taken in, I may not be able to squeeze into it.  Maybe I'll have to add a zipper on the side as well.

But anyway, I love the fun print of this dress!  There are also hidden pockets on each side that was a nice surprise to me!  They are right below where the model's hands are on the front view photo.  I'm so wearing this dress out to dinner this weekend despite the fact that it's a little too loose in the body (but my boyfriend swears it doesn't make me look fat!).  The length of it is perfect at mid-thigh-ish.  I tried it on with some high heel sandals and the outfit makes my legs look really good and long!  Well I also got a pretty good tan from my pool time last weekend so I think my legs look leaner now! 

This Magazine Print also came in another dress that I was considering getting instead of the one I got.  Now that I look at the pictures more, maybe I should have, since it's definitely more fitted.  Would've saved me a trip to the tailor!

There's a zipper on the back of this one, and you can obviously tie the neck and chest to the length you want.  The back is gorgeous too.  But the reason I got the other one is because I didn't want a halter dress.  I feel like with the short sleeves I can wear the dress to more places.  It's simpler whereas the halter is fancier with the ties and open back and all.  I wish I could have just got both and tried them on to decide which was better and returned the other.  But none of the Voom items were returnable since they were a "blow out" sale.  And I definitely didn't want 2 different dresses in the same print.  Oh well, it may require more work, but I think I can make my dress work well!

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