Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Covert Affairs

I just watched the first episode of this new show on USA called Covert Affairs about a new CIA agent trainee and her double life.

It's cute!  I don't think it's a serious drama that will win many awards or anything.  But it's lighthearted and entertaining.  Kind of like the show Leverage which I'm also a fan of.  I like the lead actress in Covert Affairs, Piper Perabo.  The last thing I remember seeing her in was that Coyote Ugly movie years ago.  Back then I was still in high school!  I think the movie was a hit, but then she kind of fell off the grid.  I also like the guy that plays her blind partner in crime in this show.  I don't know his name, but I know he was in Ugly Betty and played Betty's nerdy accountant boyfriend Henry.  I always thought he was so cute in a nerdy way! 

The reason I really like this show though is because it totally rekindled my desire to work for the CIA!  Though if I was really serious about it I probably shouldn't be blogging about it.  I think when they do background check on you, they really look into EVERYTHING you've ever done in your life.  Like how many ants you've killed and how many times you cheated on your test in school, stuff like that that you think no one would ever be able to find out!  But I really looked into working for the CIA some time last year!  They want people from all walks of life.  Having a finance/economic background is actually a pretty good way to get in, as well as being able to speak different languages.  Plus I've had some pretty extensive travel experience to many different countries in my day and can adjust pretty fast.  I actually fit most of their list of an ideal candidate.  And no one in their right mind would ever think that I would be a spy!!  I think I normally come off as pretty innocent and unsuspecting.  But I could hold a huge secret!  I think it would be fun to act like someone else, but be hard to live a double life though.  I'd imagine it would get rather confusing after a while to keep the lies straight!

The CIA training is pretty extensive and lasts a year if I remember correctly.  Maybe more?  For the training, they group you by your age (kinda weird), and there is a cap!  So yeah, you snooze and you may lose the chance to become a CIA agent forever.  After the training, I guess you have different directions to go, such as staying mostly in the US, or spending a lot of time abroad.  I'm sure some end up doing more of a desk job, and some more field work.  The pay was ok, nothing spectacular or to die for, but more than many other types of jobs out there, especially at the beginning of your career.  But I figured if I was really in the CIA, I probably wouldn't have any chance to go spend money anyway because I'd be doing some cool spy stuff!  Hehehe... but I do realize that it's probably not at all as glamorous as it sounds.  And there are many different divisions within the agency so not everyone is a spy... bleh.

Well, I may have to let my CIA agent dreams die since I don't see myself moving to DC any time soon and I ain't getting any younger.  So for now I can only fantasize about it!  But hey who knows what the future holds.  A few years ago, I would have never imagined that I'd be where I am today!  Things definitely can change, and change fast.

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