Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OPI Nail Polish - Royal Raja Ruby & Dover Sole

OPI Nail Polish - Royal Raja Ruby

I bought the OPI Royal Raja Ruby colored nail polish today.  I've used it before, but my last bottle broke so I had to get the new one.  I have to say that it is my favorite nail polish ever!  I LOVE the color, first of.  It is a very dark red color, almost black in certain lights.  It is very rich, and it goes well on both fingers and toes.  I also love OPI's nail polishes because they go on super smooth.  I can apply it myself without any streaks with just one coat, which is saying something, because I pretty much suck at applying nail polish.  I usually do two coats though, just to get the color more even.  It dries super quick too.  So this is a must have for me.  Though it does flake off quite quickly.  Usually for me, that is a day or two on my fingers so I'm constantly having to re-do a nail or two.  Toes will last longer.  I wonder if OPI has a base coat or top coat that will prevent the color from flaking off so easily?  I've never used OPI's top coat.  Though I'm really liking the organic Sparitual top coat I have right now, which is extremely quick dry, and goes on even and doesn't look thick or anything.  Except I don't really care about stuff being organic - especially nail polish (what does that even mean?), and hate paying extra for that.  I think this one costs like $15?!  I don't remember.  Not that OPI is cheap, but at least the Royal Raja Ruby is a good color.  

Dover Sole Fish Fillet

I had to get the dover sole fillets for the first time at the store because they were out of my usual white roughy or orange roughy.  I hate branching out when it comes to fish.  I eat fish for dinner pretty much every night because I need my natural omega 3s and high protein that fish provides.  And I've tried lots of different fish.  I hate the taste of most of them, unless I'm willing to shell out big bucks for good ones.  The $$$ really adds up when you are constantly buying fresh fish.  I just can't do frozen fish, they taste like plastic to me.  The only ones I can stand that don't cost an arm and a leg are white and orange roughy.  The problem with orange roughy is that it smells really bad after a couple days in the fridge and stinks everything up, and it's more expensive, so I normally buy white roughy, or swai as they are also called.  However, when my only choices at the store were dover sole and cat fish, I had to resign to dover sole (I hate cat fish).  I thought I would give it a try.

I cooked it the same way I normally cook my white roughy, which is sprinkle both sides with lemon pepper, then grill on the George Foreman for about 8 minutes at 350 degrees (I give this recipe out to people at the fish counter of the store).  Works like magic for the white roughy, ends up tasting like a scrambled egg.  Weird, right?  Plus lemon pepper has good lemon taste (obviously) which goes well with fish, and who doesn't like pepper?  It's also very low on sodium.  Very good must have spice for me.  Pretty much the only one I use.  Anyway, so the dover sole came out very flaky.  I was able to get it all on my plate after about 5 minutes and 8 million different pieces.  The taste is ok, I don't hate it as much as tilapia or cat fish.  But it is a little bit on the fishy side.  Took me about 30 minutes to be able to finish eating it.  I think next time I'll pass on this.  I will have to spend more and get halibut or yellow tail when they are out of white roughy.  Or maybe blue fin tuna.  Mmmmm.... that one is good.  Maybe even salmon?!  I love raw salmon when I eat sushi, but I really don't normally like it cooked.  I think it still beats the dover sole though.  Good thing it was pretty cheap.  Well now I know why.

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