Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas... with Jeggings!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I have had a pretty lazy day, chilling and eating.  I actually worked out last night though!  At like 8 pm too.  Ate afterwards, haha.  But that made me feel a bit better about binge eating!

It's ironic, that after eating so much I am talking about jeggings lol.  I kind of stayed away from jeggings and skinny pants for a long time, except one pair from Kitson when I needed something to wear boots over.  But now that it's colder again and I am going to be traveling for the next couple weeks, I figured I needed more than 1 pair so I can rotate.  And of course I needed different colors!  So, since the Kitson ones are black, I got a pair of white and a pair of dark wash denim jeggings from Abercrombie.  I actually really like Abercrombie denim shorts, which I bought a bunch of in the summer.  So I figured their jeggings would be pretty nice too, and I was right!  I really like them.  They are so comfortable, stretchy and fit well.  I bought them in size 4, which is a bit looser / not skin tight, and how I like them.

It's kind of weird, because the dark wash pair have fake pockets on the front, but the white ones have real ones.  I wish the dark ones had real pockets too!  It's very strange, because I keep wanting to put my hands in the pocket or put something little in them and I find out again and again every time that they are not really there!  Oh well.

I love white pants, but they are so hard to keep clean.  With boots over though, I think I have less to worry about.  

I also got these great Stella jeggings from Express, in this beautiful dark olive green color.  They are sold out online so I can't link them.  They were actually the last pair at the store as well, and they were hiding under a pile of jeggings in a different color.  They happened to be my size (size 2)!  When I was paying for them, the sales associate couldn't believe I found them in the store either.  Here's a picture of me wearing them, but the lighting was too dark so they kind of just look black.  :(

Anyway, this is what they look like under better lighting:

So, now I have 4 pairs of jeggings!  Should be enough to last during my trip.  Of course I've got a bunch of other pants too!  Always the over-packer.  I need to think hard and cut back big time because my suitcase is already overflowing.  Packing is so stressful!  Well, I will worry more about that tomorrow when it's no longer Christmas.  =)

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