Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Funday!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate a lot of yummy food!  I, for one, had a very event-filled day.  My mom drove down from up north, but when she was getting gas before she left town, she fell and hit her knee hard on the ground.  She felt something was wrong, but she didn't want to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital so she drove a few hours down to LA anyway.  By the time she got to my place, she couldn't even get out of the car!  And she didn't tell me any of this before she came, because she was worried that it would ruin my Thanksgiving.  So I was shocked when she showed up like that, and I had to carry her up to my condo (I don't have any crutches) and it just baffled me that she did not go to the hospital right away!  In fact, she insisted on NOT going to the doctor while in LA, because she has osteoporosis and she wanted to see her doctor who knows her at home.  So... she drove another few hours home before she even went to the hospital!  I could not stop her.  Turns out, her knee was broken but it is a very fine fracture so she didn't need surgery or a cast.  They put her in something that is removable.  And she pretty much needs to just rest for a while.  It was all pretty crazy!

Anyways, so that was my day on Thursday.  I was planning on going to work on Friday, but after that whole fiasco, I decided to take it off.  It was great to have a day off finally.  I think I was so tired from not sleeping enough the past few weeks, that I spent almost all day sleeping on Friday!  It was great, haha.

So I did more cardio this week than usual.  I actually took Whiskey out to the park to run on two different days.  I wish I could have done weights one more time than I did, but what with the whole holiday thing going on, I really did not have time.

Monday 11/19
What I did:  Ran about 3 miles around the park with Whiskey.

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly LS in fruitie tootie, with currant cool racerback and currant energy bra under.  I also wore my astro wunder unders in heathered black/ dewberry and my new Skora Phase shoes.

Tuesday 11/20
What I did:  Yoga class

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in wish blue, with pow pink free to be bra under, and power vinyasa crops.  Here I am also wearing my Koolaburra boots.

I put on my pow pink define jacket as to/from:

Wednesday 11/21 - Rest day

Thursday 11/22
What I did:  I went to play golf first, then took Whiskey on a 3 mile run around the park.  I ran into my golf instructor, and he got a new ipad app that films your swing and slowly analyzes it.  So he gave me a free 10-15 minute lesson which I thought was pretty cool and was actually very helpful.

What I wore:  For golf, I wore my Lululemon Mind Over Matter pullover over my pow pink swiftly tank, and my new concord grape dance studio pants.  For golf I always like to wear my New Balance Minimus Road shoes.

After golf, it got a lot hotter.  I can't believe we are still having 80 degree weather in late November!  This heat wave will never go away... so I changed into my Run: Ultra shorts and kept on the same tank.  I also wore my new Brooks shoes that I got for shoe testing, and haven't had a chance to write about yet.

Friday 11/23
What I did:  Well, I slept a lot as mentioned above.  I wanted to do weights but I felt so lethargic.  But I did manage to get my butt to the driving range for golf again.

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly LS in haze, with coal Groove pants and NB shoes again.

Saturday 11/24
What I did:  I finally made it to the gym for the first and only time this week, and did weights.  I continued my New Rules of Lifting for abs, stage 1 workout B.  I then ran five 1-minute sprints afterwards. 

As to/from, I wore my currant define jacket.

I probably should have worked out today, but I went to the mall for a long time instead.  Shopping is kind of a workout right?!  Well, I went mainly to return some stuff I bought online.  I didn't really buy anything exciting except a new cool racerback at Lululemon.  I did, however, shop online on black Friday and did a few hundred bucks worth of damage.  I hope they arrive soon, and will write about them then!

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