Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lululemon Astro Wunder Under Crop

I went to the Lululemon store today to check out the new stuff.  I got tired of all the same products in similar colors and I have more than enough to last me a lifetime.  Seriously I just can't get that excited about new colors in a Cool Racerback or a Define Jacket.  All the "new" colors look exactly the same as old colors to me anyway!  So this was the first time I'd stepped foot into a store in a while.  I was really psyched to see the new Astro Wunder Under Crop though!  I loooove my Astro Crops because of the pretty waistband.  I also find the waistband to be stretchier and more forgiving.  So whenever I feel more bloated I reach out for my Astro crops.  I have 3 pairs and love them all dearly.  I've been meaning to get more Wunder Unders because I only have 2 pairs - one pair is actually the Wunder Grooves, and the other one is the denim Wunder Under.  So I wanted to get a regular luon pair.  I'm so glad I waited till the Astro Wunder Unders came out because they are the perfect combo!

I tried on both the Coal/Surge Wee Stripe in size 4 (my regular size) and the Heathered Black / Dew Berry in size 6 since they were out of size 4s.  I went with the heathered black.  I found that both sizes fit exactly the same though.  In fact, I found the waistband of the size 6 to be even a little tighter.  I actually had trouble with the waistband not laying flat with the size 4.  Very weird!  I asked the educator if it was because the heathered black material fits tighter than regular luon, she said no.  But I have my doubts, because I tried on the heathered black Define and it seems to be less stretchy than some other colors.  Not a big difference though.  Also, my coal luon Groove pants at home are also stretchier than black luon.  So that's the story I'm sticking with.

I like the waistband of Coal/Surge better, but I have so many coal bottoms and wanted something different.  That's why I got heathered black.  The waistband on these Astro Wunder Unders are definitely higher rise than my Astro Crops by at least an inch, so there's no way anyone can see the waistband with a shirt over anyway.  Plus I really like heathered black.  I also probably have more tops to match the dew berry color, like raspberry, potion purple, etc.

My Astro Crops are from the very first batch from like 2008 before they brought out the updated version, and the back of the waistband is all one layer.  The front has 3 layers like the current Astros in stores.  I actually prefer the old version over the different layers in the back because I've never had to pay attention to the waistband to make sure the material is not folded over wrong or overlapping.  It would always lay flat and it's just easier to manage.  Here's one of my Astro Crops for comparison - now only if fruity tootie would make a comeback....

Well I'll have to try on the Astro Wunder Unders in yoga or something and see how they do.  I don't currently have them because I needed to get them hemmed shorter.  By the way, I wanted them short enough to cut off the Lululemon logo on the lower left leg.  But they wouldn't let me saying that they are not allowed to cut off the logo.  I never knew that.  I distinctly remember that at another store a long time ago, an educator told me they could cut off the logo portion but did not carry extra logos to iron onto a different area of the pant.  Whatever.  I don't really care about logo on the leg, and you can barely see it against heathered black.  I just hope the length works because I really just wanted them to be long enough to go over my knee.  Now they are probably going to be an inch or so longer than I wanted.  We'll see!  I'm still excited to try them out though!

Oh yeah, the store also had a lone wren camo cool racerback in my size that looked like a pretty cool print.  Especially the reverse side is a really nice olive green that I would love to have.  I would have got it in a second but I hated the material.  It feels and looks like cheap polyester.  Well, it pretty much is polyester - I read the label, like 94% polyester.  I put it on and immediately wanted to take it off.  I wish it was soft and breathable.... I also thought about getting the new citron wee stripe cool racerback. I'm normally not a fan of horizontal stripes like the wee stripe and space dye prints.  But the citron one was pretty because it looks almost like a solid colored yellow tank.  And it felt much softer than the camo one.  But I decided for now I don't need any more racerback tanks!  Maybe I'll change my mind later.


  1. These are really cute -- I was hesitant to try them because of the sweat factor - would love a review after you wear them for a good workout -- I am so self conscious about sweatmarks in pants!!

  2. Love these, I bought a pair in plain black and heathered black and am considering coal as well.

    How strange that they wouldn't cut off the logo for you! I wore them once but like you decided they were too long and took them to get taken up, no problems with getting my length or cutting off the logo. I'm impatiently waiting for them to come back now!

  3. Ahhh I'm not surprised at the inconsistency! I just got them back yesterday and worked out in them last night. I will write a update post hopefully today!


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