Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Couple Dress From Soprano

This brand called Soprano was on Hautelook the other day and they had some pretty cute stuff for pretty cheap.  All made in the USA as well, which is a plus in my eyes.  So I bought a few items to check out.  I'm a serial online shopper (and returner), and I always buy stuff just to "try on".  If I don't like something, I just send it back.  Nowadays these flash sale sites give you refunds to your form of payment rather than just credit.  But they do deduct return shipping, but only like 5 bucks or so.  I think it's totally worth it.

Anyway, so I bought 4 dresses (!!) and 1 shirt.  I'm returning 2 of the dresses and keeping the other 3.  Pretty happy with the stuff I'm keeping actually.

First, I got this "Stripe Over Solid Dress".  It is really cool because it's a navy tank dress, with a wide stitch dolman style sweater over.  I can see it being a nice, somewhat casual summer night dress.

And here is the model in it:

So I'm keeping this one for sure.  It was only $25 as well, no brainer.

I also got this Shirred Bodycon Dress, in this beautiful wine color:

It's made of this jersey material, and I like the gathering in the front because they are placed in flattering places that hide your flaws.  This dress can be worn anywhere as well, on its own or with a sweater/jacket over.  I don't have any other dresses in this color either.  I love it, and it's only $23 lol.  Here it is on the model:

This is the only shirt I bought, which is super cute I think.  It's called "Colorblock Raglan Knit Top".  It's basically a sweater material made in a baseball tee style.  I've never seen anything like it and I really really love this one!  And of course, I got it for only 15 bucks!  Sweet!

I can see myself wearing this top A LOT.  It is great to just throw on with just about anything.  I'm wearing my Lululemon groove pants in the above photo.  But it can work with jeans, shorts, etc.  Very casual and comfy, but very cute at the same time.

And here are 2 dresses that I am returning.  They are both pretty unflattering and I didn't even bother taking a picture of myself in them.  They are actually in similar styles - just one with white loose top, and the other with a goldish black one.  In theory they both could have been winners but they just did not fit me well.

And that's it!  Well 3 out of 5 isn't too bad.  I get to return 2 and get about $50 back.  =)

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  1. Very pretty dress. I like "Over Solid Stripe Dress". The wine color is like but not the shape of the dress, i think.
    the "Over Solid Stripe Dress" are very nice. with a jeans, I'm sure it would do very well too.
    It's a shame the other two look as though pretty dresses also especially black


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