Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Oops I missed Sunday again... well in my defense, this is the long Veteran's day weekend, and I totally forgot that yesterday was Sunday!  Last week and this week I am staying with at a friend's place who went to New York for work for two weeks.  I realized after I got here, that he does not own a full length mirror!  What the...?!?  So all my photos are actually taken at different gyms I went to, except for the first one when I was still at home.  Kind of a crappy situation - when I'm at the gym, I have to snap photos quickly so people don't think I'm just taking pictures of myself for no reason.  =)

Anyways, so I was kind of sick earlier last week, but I managed to go to the gym 4 times.  I do think that my Monday workout actually made me more sick, so I took Tuesday off.  I really wanted to workout more last week, but I guess it's really not good to push yourself when you are not feeling well.

Monday 11/5
What I did:  Yoga class.

Tuesday 11/6 - As stated earlier, took the day off due to being sick.

Wednesday 11/7
What I did:  Weight lifting - I continued my New Rules of Lifting for abs, stage 1 workouts, workout B.  I ran for 5 minutes before lifting weights to warm up, and that kind of wiped me out.  I don't think I ever got so tired and sweaty from running such a short amount of time.  I guess being sick really takes it out of you!  So I ended the workout with only 8 sprints of 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between.

What I wore:  Hmm I actually did not get to take a picture of my outfit from this day.  So sad.  But I wore my purple outfit - swiftly short sleeve shirt in lavender, Energy bra in grape seed, and passion crops in power purple.

(Sorry for lack of picture)

Thursday 11/8
What I did:  Weight lifting - I did the abs workout, stage 1 workout A again.  And I did 5 one-minute sprints afterwards.

What I wore:  Lululemon Power Y tank in three print, with Power Vinyasa crop and New Balance Minimus Road shoes.  

It was actually a cold and rainy day, so I wore my Turn Around LS and bordeaux drama Dance Studio pants (love love love these!).

Friday 11/9 - took the day off

Saturday 11/10
What I did:  I did workout B again, I ran more than usual as well.  Before the workout I warmed up by running a mile, and then I ended it by running 1.5 mile sprints at the end of the weight session.

Sunday 11/11 - I was planning to workout, but I was actually quite tired and sore from Saturday's workout so I took it off.  I had pretty much recovered from my sickness by the end of the week though. So I'm going to workout hard this week for sure!

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  1. This is a lululemon water bottle that you are using? I like your holding of Monday 11/5!


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