Saturday, November 10, 2012

Honey Can Do Velvet Touch Hangers

My recent addition to my closet is making me so so happy.  I don't know why I waited so long to find something like this!  I bought a 50-pack Honey Can Do velvet touch hangers from Beyond the Rack.  I never knew that they even made these, but they are like a god send!  No longer will my clothes slip off of hangers.  Such a little thing makes a huge difference!

I honestly cannot recommend these velvet hangers enough.  All my shirts and jackets now stay on my hangers exactly how I put them.  They don't slip off and there is no hanger mark at the end of the shoulders of my sweaters anymore!  On top of that, they are super thin so you can fit more on each closet rod, and they are quite durable as well.  I love that the top hanger part is actually metal because it really is sturdy.  I got a 50-pack for $19, but it is not enough!  I wish I had got like 500.  Lol.  But so far I have hung up all my sweaters, hoodies, and more delicate Lululemon running tops (mostly swiftly shirts) on these.  Provided not all my clothes need this type of hangers since only certain materials tend to slip off, but I am working on replacing all my crappy hangers with this one!  Since I bought these, I've noticed them more and more in different stores, and I think they are such a genius idea!  My little google search just now told me that they are for sale on websites like for $39.99 for a 50-pack.  That's not too bad, I think these are definitely worth the investment!

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  1. Ross has these hangers also! I have bought them at multiple locations.


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