Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Funday!

I had some pretty great workouts this week to make up for the last few weeks.  Though I took it easy this weekend and went golfing today.  It's been drizzling here the past couple weeks, so it has been hard to make it out.  I was happy to go hit balls again today, because I forgot how much fun it was!

Same as last week, I've been staying at a friend's place with no mirror, so I had to take pictures at the ghetto 24 that I occasionally go to (and for some reason went a lot this week).

Tuesday 11/13
What I did:  I continued my New Rules of Lifting for Abs workouts, stage 1 workout A.  I also ran sprints at the end.

What I wore:  Lululemon angel blue cool racerback with bright blue Flow Y bra under.  CW-X Pro tights, and New Balance Minimus Road shoes (you can't really see the shoes in this photo though).

I wore my Zella stripey melange hoodie as to/from.

I also have my work outfit in this picture from the same day.  I wore my Mango pleated sheer shirt with Express pieced pencil skirt.

Wednesday 11/14
What I did:  Weight lifting again, did workout B this time.  Ran for about half a mile before and 1.5 mile after.

What I wore:  Lululemon Let It Loose tank in pink mist, with black Ebb & Flow crops and NB shoes again.

Thursday 11/15 - Met up with a friend and had happy hour food and drinks instead.  =)

Friday 11/6
What I did:  Weight workout, did workout A again, preceded by a mile run and followed by 5 one-minute sprints.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in lavender, with white Flow Y bra under.  And coal Team Spirit crops with Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

So I took Saturday off to rest (probably didn't really need it though), and today I played golf but since I didn't have a mirror, I could not take a picture.  It wasn't great anyways, I wore my bordeaux drama dance studio pants with aruba cool racerback

I will be returning home this week, so hopefully I will have some better pictures and Whiskey in them!  If he chooses, of course.  I miss him a lot!  Hopefully I will also be able to workout a lot but since it is Thanksgiving week and it might be tough.  We'll see!  I do plan to eat a lot.  =)


  1. Adorable as always! I hope everything is ok <3

    1. Thank you! I'm dealing with things, but nothing I can't handle... =)

  2. What are you going to cook for Thanksgiving? Cook you dietary recipes? If yes could you put it from time to time on the blog? ;)

    1. Hi Audrey! Sorry for the late response. Well, I was thinking about this and I didn't know how to answer since I didn't cook at all for Thanksgiving! Hahaha. My mom actually cooked and brought food. And it's not really "healthy" food. Not too bad though. I do have some decent dietary recipes. I will definitely share them some time. =)


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