Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lululemon Define Jacket in Pow Pink!

I really wanted to buy the pow pink Define Jacket when it first came out, but I have no idea why I didn't!  I think I forgot about it and then it was gone.  But I got one on ebay for like $70!  So I am pretty happy to have saved 30 bucks by waiting an extra couple months.  It arrived today and I love it!

Out of all Lululemon core jackets, I like the Define the best.  But this is only my third Define jacket after angel blue and currant.  I guess I try not to spend too much money on non-technical pieces.  It is too hot here to wear a jacket for any physical activity no matter what time of year, so I only wear these jackets as to/from the gym or just to wear around running errands.  Therefore it is not really that economical for me to spend 100 bucks a pop for these.  But I still love them and get tempted!  Just have to be really picky about the colors.  I am glad to add pow pink as one of them, because I had always regretted not getting it the first time it came out years ago.


  1. I love this colour on you, it looks great with your complexion! I'm kind of wishing I had bought it now too :-P

  2. I was lusting after the Pow Define, but was turned off by all the seaming issues. Looks adorable on you, and it's awesome you were able to save some cash :-)

  3. Care to share how you manage to snag such a fabulous deal ? All that i see on ebay are jacked up prices ! Nothing less than a hundred bucks !

    1. Hahaha I see those a lot too. I got lucky I guess! I also use an eBay sniper site so I don't forget to bid. :)


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