Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Koolaburra & Victoria's Secret


I got the spray for my Koolaburra boots yesterday.  It is called the Rain, Snow and Stain Repellent.  It's pretty different from protective sprays I've had before.  It works the same way - you spray it evenly then wait for it to dry for a day.  The difference is that when I sprayed it onto my boots, it didn't make them wet and become darker or anything.  It was very very light.  Almost felt like I was spraying air.  But I did see mist in the light so I know something was definitely coming out.  It was colorless and odorless.  How am I supposed to know if it worked or not??  I don't get it.  Maybe this is a really good one?  Maybe the ones I've had before sucked?  I don't know.  But I sprayed for a long time and I was pretty sure everything was coated.  Well, the good thing is that I didn't really have to wait 24 hours for it to dry like the direction said, because it never got wet!  Hmm... I guess I will find out sooner or later next time I step on something... I also wonder when I should re-spray?  I mean, how long does it last anyway?  Gosh the direction doesn't say any of it, whatever!

Update:  It rained today and I wore my boots out, they stayed dry!  I think the spray did work!  Yay!

While I'm on the Koolaburra subject, I thought I would explain why I bought Koolaburra boots instead of Ugg Australia brand like everybody else.  Well, "ugg" is the name of this type of sheep fur boots that Australian and New Zealand sheep farmers wear.  I know this, I used to live in Australia and spent 3 weeks in New Zealand (they have more sheep than people there!).  I'm almost as good as an Aussie.  Haha just kidding!  I wish.  But "Ugg Australia" the brand was bought by an American company a few years ago, and that is the one everybody wears since they consider it the authentic "uggs".  The company actually trademarked the name "ugg" which made the Australian and New Zealand companies mad since they can't use that name anymore.  Well, Uggs Australia started making their boots in China a while ago, so how authentic is that?  Of course they kept "Australia" as a part of their brand name.  Posers.

I don't know about everyone else, but I rather have the authentic authentic "uggs", and that is why I bought Koolaburra instead.  These are actually made in Australia!  Ok it's probably not a big deal, but I just feel jibbed paying $180 for a pair of boots made in China pretending to be the real thing.  I can't speak to the quality of Uggs Australia boots since they started making them in China compared to making in Australia before, but somehow I believe they are cutting costs and corners over there!  Why else would you start manufacturing in China?

The same tall classic style Koolaburra boots actually retail for $10 more than Ugg Australia, but I just feel like my money is better spent this way.  Neiman Marcus carries this brand.  Koolaburra makes a lot of boots with graphics or patterns on them which could be kind of cool, but I just got the good ol' plain tan one as pictured above.  Basically they look and feel exactly like Uggs Australia, and they are pretty awesome.  I wear them all the time, and I kind of want the weather to stay cool so I can continue to wear them all year round! 

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite stores.  It's just so cute!  And definitely speaks to my girly side.  They were having their semi-annual sale last week and I ordered some stuff from their website that arrived yesterday.  I didn't feel like going into the store and searching in those bins I guess.  I don't know, I live close to everything and I always buy stuff online.  But I refuse to pay shipping, and luckily when I google "Victoria's Secret offer code", something always comes up for free shipping!  Yes, a few bucks for shipping is a deal breaker.  I cannot tell you how many times I've added stuff to my cart on some site, filled out all the shipping and billing info and closed down the browser when I couldn't get over the shipping charge.  It's a mental thing. Why can't all companies be like Lululemon and offer free shipping all the time??  I bet more people would buy!

Anyway, I got 4 bras for $15-20 each.  Pretty sweet.  Their regular price is almost $50 each.  I got different styles, but I guess the styles I get always tend to be pretty similar.  I almost always get the "demi" bra in their different lines, with level 2 padding, which means lightly lined.  I hate unlined bras because everyone would be able to tell when it gets cold, and I've stopped getting super padded push up bras, because I think bigger boobs make me look fatter.  Lol.  After all, boobs are made of fat!

I actually really like the Pink line.  Maybe it's supposed to be for young girls, and I'm at the ancient age of 26 already, but I find the Pink line really cute and fit really well.  Both for their bras and their clothes.  The price is also more affordable.  I love the T-shirt demi bra.  It's uber smooth and seamless under tighter shirts.  You can never see any of the unattractive lines from the bra underneath.  No back or side fat or anything, and no double boobage on top of the chest lol.  The back can be criss crossed to be worn as a racerback style.  And they are only $16 regular price too! 

Victoria's Secret site is pretty good.  They have a lot of selections of different styles and sizes.  They have many items that the stores don't carry, like actual clothes and shoes.  Tons of them too, at great prices and styles.  I've ordered shirts and jackets from them, they seem to fit about the same as things from Express, which is on the big side for sure.  I guess it makes sense since they are owned by the same parent company.

The site tells you right away if something is in stock or back ordered.  And like I said before, you can always google some kind of promotional code to save some $$$.  Shipping is not the fastest, unless you pay for the faster methods I guess.  I've never done that.  But for regular shipping method, I usually get my stuff shipped out 3 days or so after I place the order.  Then it's another 2-3 days to receive it.  I've ordered from them many many times and it's always been that way.  I wish it could be a little faster!  And I wish they allowed you to return or exchange to the stores like many other stores do nowadays.  It's pretty annoying to have to ship something in order to make a return.  They do provide free return shipping sticker, but who wants to make a trip to a UPS location anyway? 

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