Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lululemon Cool Racerback in Currant

I ordered the Currant Cool Racerback from Lululemon last weekend and it has finally arrived today.  Boy do I miss those days when I would receive my order from Lulu the next day!  Maybe I was really spoiled, but waiting almost a week is pretty unbearable.  FedEx is slow.  The package comes from Washington State, which really shouldn't take 5 days to arrive in a major city in California.  It definitely makes me order less online, because most likely I will be able to go to the store before my order would arrive.  So I only order online now when I know I don't feel like visiting the store in person any time soon.  I feel really lame going to the store every week, so I try to space my visit to twice a month at the most.  Lol.

Anyway, I love my new cool racerback tank though!  Currant is so beautiful, it's the true red I've been waiting for!  I am not a huge fan of the reds they've had recently that all have orange tones.  Red is so much better.  And it works perfectly for the holiday season, and matches my new Adidas shoes!

I have so many cool racerbacks that I do not buy that many anymore, unless a great color comes along. I don't really want to have 2 tanks that are very similar in color to the point where non-Lululemon fans would not be able to tell the difference.  So I can hold off for a long time.  But I don't have any red since Lulu hasn't had a true red for like 5-6 years??  So this was a must.  I actually really would like a long sleeve running luon top in Currant, but I don't like the pullovers I've seen in this color.  Perhaps a new one will come out?  Or maybe this color has come and gone already and now we are off to Paris pink.  I am excited about that color too and just ordered a Swiftly long sleeve in it today!  

By the way, I got a new white Lululemon shopping tote with smiley faces on the sides, that is so much better than the stupid John Galt one!!  I don't know what to do with my John Galt bag so I put a bunch of clothes and shoes in it to take to Good Will for donation.  But it's just sitting in my hallway now since I am kind of embarrassed to be seen with it walking to the car!  LOL!  Well, it's unsightly in my house, so it's going to go this weekend anyhow.  


  1. I was finally visiting a lulu this past weekend because I live no where near one and when I paid they gave me a John Galt bag but I was too embarrassed to ask for a different one because I was with a friend who doesn't understand lulu! haha I will get no use out of the bag and donation sounds like a good idea!

  2. I got the Run For It Pullover in Currant when it was online back in November - I love it! I has a bit of reflective material around the zipper so it looks a bit like my alma mater's colors - scarlet and gray. I was hesitant to get it due to the price, but I love the cuffing and ponytail hole in the hood, and it is so comfortable. I almost think it's too nice to run in!


  3. I just read that there is a paris pink LS turn around tee-- so excited to get that -- I would love a paris pink microstripe crb to match the paris pink astro wuder unders! and they match my pink nike frees!!! LOL!!

  4. Please post a real life pic of the currant crb!

  5. I wasn't saddled with a John Galt bag, but I received three of the small white shoppers which all went out with the recycling this week. Not a fan of the McDonald'sy look of the smile, and they smelled TERRIBLE! The bigger ones are worse apparently, but they are really chemical-smelling :(

  6. @Leesa: Sounds like you need to go back to Lulu soon and get another bag. =)

    @Jen: I often feel that things are too nice to workout in... lol.

    @momof5: Wow you love your pink, don't you?? So cute!! I LOVE my Turn Around shirts, but I already have 2 so I don't know if I need another one?? Though it is very tempting in paris pink... a cool racerback in it would be nice too. But I'll have to see the color in person to judge whether it will be too bright for me. I ordered the swiftly because colors usually look more muted in that material. But the paris pink one still looks super bright!! Can't wait to receive it...

    @Bernadette: I will probably wear it tomorrow to workout in so I will take a picture then!

    @Anon: Haha that's funny about the McD smiley - it does look like it! I didn't notice the smell though. I bet Lulu came out with these white bags really fast because the John Galt bags got so much negative publicity. But publicity is publicity I guess! The white bags are nothing too special, but they sure are a lot better than the alternative. In any case, I have so many Lulu bags I will probably end up taking them all back to the store to "recycle" again. I tend to do that once in a while...

  7. I posted a pic of the currant cool racerback on me on my newest post. Here it is!

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