Monday, August 2, 2010


I bought an hour group tennis lesson for $10 off of livingsocial for me and my boyfriend.  We have been wanting to take lessons because 1) we've been to Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open the past few years and it looks like fun, and 2) during every major holiday we go to a friend's house who has a tennis court (there are certainly perks to being a lead actress of a major network show that we won't disclose here!) and everyone ends up in a tennis tournament.  It's serious business!  Nobody is that good, but we just want to be better and win it next time!  Hehehe.

So anyway, the lesson was at this golf and tennis course in Studio City.  It was a really cool and chill place.  Only $11 an hour to rent a court so I'm definitely going back, and I have to check out the golf course rates and get back into my beloved golfing as well.  We went there with no expectations, but the group lesson turned out to be just us two so we got a semi-private for $20!  For that price we cannot complain about anything, but it turned out really well actually.  We learned an overview of the techniques - what we can reasonably learn in an hour.  Of course we still need tons of practice, but we didn't do too badly if I do say so myself! 

Tennis will also be great for me to get more use out of my running skirts!  I wore my Lululemon Run:Energy Skirt tonight and it performed beautifully. I don't get to wear my skirts often since they are not very modest for things like squads and lounges.  So yay for tennis!  My hand and wrist/forearm are a little sore already from tonight, I think tennis will be a fun way to strengthen my arms and shoulders in a different way and I'm excited to practice more!  Well first I need to go get some rackets!


  1. Love your blog and I have add it to my Favorites.
    I also bought the skirt after reading your post. There is a $3 shipping though. But still a very good price for a skirt I love. I agree that it would be perfect for tennis. So what top would you wear with it?

  2. Hi Betty! I wore the Silver/Potion Purple Swiftly SS from Lululemon with my skirt yesterday and it was a cute matchy outfit! Other than that, I would wear my white cool racerback. But I think any style would work with the skirt - scoop necks, power Ys, deep Vs, etc. as long as it's a complimentary color. I can think of only white, grey and black to match this particular skirt though without looking like I'm going to an 80s party!

    I think that ebay seller is now selling this skirt for $54. Maybe the demand was so high when she listed it at $24 including shipping, that she gradually increased the price. Good thing we got in early! =)

  3. I have a lulu gray run:jog skirt that I wear with basically any colored tank.

    The last time I played tennis was in high school for gym! We have tennis courts in the park right behind us, but we don't own rackets. We have thought about picking some up since we're so close to courts though.

  4. I have the same gray jog skirt! I love it too, it goes with a lot more than purple, that's for sure! For some reason I really like the look of running skirts paired with ss swiftly, something about the tee style...

    I think I'm going to pick up some rackets this weekend. After taking a lesson, it's a lot less frustrating to play tennis. Maybe you can look up some reasonably priced tennis lessons in your area and give it a try since that park is very convenient for you to play!


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