Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lululemon Tadasana Pant & Shady Brimmed Beanie

I hit up two Lululemon stores today. First one I went to do yoga at, browsed through the store afterwards and didn't see anything I wanted to buy. Then I went to eat at Bay Cities (Yum! Must go if ever visiting LA/Santa Monica) then went to check out the new outdoor mall at the Promenade in Santa Monica which just finished reconstruction and is so much better now even the food court has nice booths seating and ocean view.  And by the way has an Ever store now too!  I love Ever.  They carry some very cool tees and sweaters.  And of course their famous hoodie that just gets softer and softer with each wear.  I didn't buy anything though, because you can occasionally get their hoodies for like $60 if you sign up for email alerts.  I then popped into the Lululemon store because the Santa Monica location carries a lot more stuff than other locations in LA.  And sure enough, I bought 2 things that were not found at other stores here.

The Tadasana Pant:

The ones I bought have a wide lolo purple waistband instead of black.  I'd been in the market for another pair of long pants since I only have one pair of Groove pants and all the other bottoms I have are crops or shorts.  The Tadasana pants are made of luon, same as the Groove pants.  But the fit is much more snug than the Groove pants.  For me, my Grooves are tight fitting from the bum through the upper legs down to about the knees, then flare out towards the bottom.  But the Tadasana pants are tight like the Wunder Unders, all the way to about the upper calf area.  Then it flares out a little, but not as much as the Grooves.  It's more like boot cut.  And there is a continuous drawstring at the bottom, which is much needed because these are long (only comes in long length)!  So they are a few inches too long on me if I don't cinch them in.  But I like that you can cinch them higher to be like crops.  The rise is also higher than the Grooves, rather grandma-pants like, I must admit.  But probably great for not falling down as you move.

The logo is on the lower left leg but I wish it was on the back waistband.  They are not reversible, because there's no logo on the inside.  But I think they could definitely be reversible since they look exactly the same inside out, but all black.  So it's like having 2 pairs of pants for the price of one, and the all black side doesn't have any logos at all so they won't look as much like gym clothes. 

I think I might not like these as much as I thought when I bought them.  They are a little too tight fitting through the legs for my taste, and I have pretty small hips and thighs.  By the look of the pictures above, I think they are meant to be this tight.  Does luon stretch out with wear?  I feel like my Grooves in the same size fit much looser even in the "tight" areas.  Maybe I should have tried a size up to see if that would fit better, but that may be too big in the waist and bum though.  I don't know, the Grooves just work well for me as I like the flare leg, so maybe I should just exchange these for another pair of Groove pants.

The Shady Brimmed Beanie, though, is sooooo cute!  I don't care if they make me look like I'm 15, and that it's been 100 degrees outside last week, and the "winters" here never get cold enough to need hats, I had to have it.  $34 is the price, and it may be about $10 over priced.  Oh well. 

This would be great for snowboarding especially with the brim!  It looks cute both on the front or the back.  I love the design and the colors.  It also comes in two other colors - same shade of gray as this one and a black one, both with the same pattern but more monotone.  It's a pretty large beanie and can cover most of the head, which I like since I have a lot of hair. 

It matches my Run Fast Short in Coal/Citron so maybe I can wear them together for "winter" running.  =)  They just got these beanies in and there was only a few left in this color combo, a couple other ladies were woo-ing and ahh-ing about how cute it was too, so I think it will sell out very fast even in the warm SoCal summer time!

I like the little teal color metal plate of inconspicuous logo.

Oh but I guess there's also the gigantic Lululemon logo knitted on the beanie all the way across in ivory!  But to someone who doesn't know the brand, it just looks like a design.  The beanie is made of merino wool.  It's pretty thick and may be overkill if I wore it around in LA in the 60 degree winter.  But I do go to Denver a lot (my boyfriend is from there) in the winters, so I can get some use out of it.  Hehe.  We are going there in October actually.  I wonder if it will be cold enough then!  I've never hoped for cold weather when I went there before, but am now!


  1. what did you decide about your tadasna pants? I bought them today in black/river rock. I need to re-try them on at home, but now i'm worried i am going to have the same thoughts as you. I get so wrapped up when I'm in the store!! I really wanted a pair of pants with less of a flare, but the rock out pants are just a little too low rise for me for when i'm doing a lot of core and weight lifting stuff - don't want my booty hanging out :) love to hear a follow up about what you decided with the pants!!

  2. I haven't done anything yet because I wanted to go back and try on a 6 and then decide if I want the 6 or just another pair of pants altogether. But I definitely don't think I'll be keeping the 4. Did you get your regular size as well? Do you find it too tight through the legs and knees? I wonder if I got a weird pair! I'll let you know what I decide when I make it into the store again.

  3. You can wear the Beanie reversed too. It shows a little different colouring but still great. Not obvious at all that it is reversed. The only thing is the seam at the back of the beanie shows up a little different but it doesn't look awkward :D

  4. So, I put them on again when I got home and I really love them! I think I almost didn't want to, because I was still scared to take the tags off. But I worked out in them last night and did yoga in them this morning and they were great! I was worried that these would make me look "thigh heavy" but they really don't. I love the tight part around the calf before they flare out slightly, I think it makes them very slimming even though I would have thought it would have added to the big thigh effect. Mine aren't too tight in that area, so maybe you did just get a weird pair!

    I think the rise is great for yoga, and worked out great when I was weight lifting, and I even ran in them.

    For anyone worried about sizing - I initially grabbed them in a size up (size 8), but ended up purchasing them in my regular groove size (size 6). I'm about 5'8/140 pounds, with runner/soccer player thighs :) I guess it depends on your proporations, but I think they run tts.

    I also read on one of the blogs that if you have them hemmed, they can retain the draw string at the bottom, not sure if that is true or not, since i didn't want to get them hemmed.

  5. @W: Thanks for the tip about the beanie! I will have to play with it when I get home. =)

    @feW823: That's good that the pants worked out for you! I think it just really depends on personal preference. I don't mind my wunder unders tight because they are supposed to be, but I want my pants a little bit looser. These just make me feel like I'm trying to squeeze into a size that's too small for me.

    I did ask about hemming when I was at the store and they told me that I would lose the drawstring.

  6. The beanie is really cute -- while Lulu people will recognize the repeating omega, it's not obvious to others - I think. Is the beanie lined with fleece or something or is it just the wool? While the thought of wool is not so enticing right now - Merino is supposed to be a finer, lighterweight wool. Wool is very breathable and good at moisture wicking! Some of my favorite running socks are from SmartWool, and they are made of merino wool.

    I'm really liking my black fast shorts and considering a second pair - have you run much in your coal/citron ones? Wondering how they are in terms of showing sweat. I don't want to be boring and get a second pair in black. Oasis is probably my next choice, and alarming my least fav for these.

  7. The beanie is not lined with fleece, it's just wool. It is pretty thick, but I haven't tried it on for an extended period of time to test out comfort/breath-ability/wicking ability since well it's like over 100 degrees here...?!? Ugh. Lol.

    Glad you like the Fast shorts! I've never really found any of my coal bottoms to show sweat really, including these ones. But then again I'm not a crouch-sweater lol. I do understand the concern though because I have seen some ladies at the gym who look like they peed themselves when they wear lighter color bottoms, but luckily that doesn't happen to me no matter how hard I work out. My sweat distribution is more upper body I guess!

    I've been thinking about Oasis for a while but I just don't think they are as practical. I'm not really a fan of the alarming color, so that's out of the question. And like you I'm not sure if I want to get another pair of black. So I guess I will wait until they come out with another color that I like, hopefully.

  8. Definitely don't want to look like I peed myself! I don't usually have sweating issues in that region but there were a couple of long runs this summer (probably 8+ miles) in mid to upper 80s where I sweat more than I knew was possible (I never knew even my shins could sweat!) Anyway, I went for the coal ones, can't wait to get them!

  9. I ran in 80 degree weather today, too bad I wore black bottoms so I couldn't test it out for you! But then again I only ran like 4 miles and didn't sweat too much.


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