Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DEPT Clothes from Hautelook

I ordered a few things from the DEPT blowout on Hautelook a couple weeks ago during my Hautelook binge (which is still ongoing).  They just arrived today and I'm very happy with them.  My UPS guy probably thinks I'm nuts! 

DEPT is a brand from the Netherlands.  I always appreciate clothing from different countries because the styles are unique.  I love some of the Asian street wear styles too, though a lot of it is way too crazy for me!  But I see Japanese tourists walking around LA all the time and they have the coolest clothes and accessories.  I need to get butt to Japan one day soon!

I got pretty much all stuff for work, but could work for a night out as well.  I'm still struggling between finding things that are conservative enough for my ultra-conservative "old boys club" type of work environment (seriously it's like working on Wall Street in the 70s!) while still keeping things a little bit interesting. 

The Luxury Knit Flared Dress, it was only $26, down from $130:

This is such a cute sweater dress and I couldn't have asked for a better fit.  It just drapes really well and hugs all the right curves!  I was afraid that a thin sweater knit dress would not be flattering, but I'm really glad to find otherwise!  It comes down a little longer on me than the model, so it hits me around my knees which is great.  It's very soft and comfortable.  But it's also pretty thin and a little bit see through.  I have to wear a liner dress under it.  It also comes with a thin black satin belt thingy that can be looped around the waist, which is not shown in the picture but I think is cute.  I love the little ruffles around the collars and sleeves. They give the dress a more feminine look.  I also love how the sleeves are cut longer and not totally fitted through the arms and wrists.

It's the perfect sophisticated dress to have for a stylish fall season! 

I got one more dress, the Fitted Jersey Dress for 21 bucks.  Original retail price $106:

This one I thought was pretty interesting, and could have turned out pretty bad with those sleeves.  But I was willing to take a gamble and ordered it.  Turns out, it's another perfectly fit dress!  Seriously what is up with this brand?  Everything fits like they are tailor made.  I like that this dress has a cowl neck, which balances out the tighter fit overall.  The material of the dress is pretty soft and comfortable too.  I could definitely sit all day in this dress. 

The sleeves are very interesting!  I wasn't sure if I liked the look or not, but I now think they make a cute and eye catching detail.  Since the material is so thin and light, it falls pretty well versus being a big puffy sleeve 80s prom dress style which is what I was afraid of.  

It's very see through, and if I let it fall all the way down my arm, it hits about 3/4 way down.  I think it looks better how the model has it, with the opening cinched above the elbows.  It's a dress that can be worn during the day with flats or dressed up at night with heels. 

Ok next, I got the Lurex Boucle Fitted Blazer - a cute and nicely made wool jacket for $30, when the original retail price is $152.

I love boucle jackets, even though I think they tend to age me.  It's a very uptown type of look.  But I thought the ruffle details on this one makes it younger and more fun!  The entire inside lining of this jacket is a very vibrant and colorful graffiti print which was a nice surprise!  And there is a single side pocket on the left side.  It definitely gives the jacket some fun details! 

It's actually a pretty thick jacket.  I guess I should have thought of that when I read that it's made of 100% wool with lining.  So it's definitely a winter time jacket (which is almost non-existent in LA).  Or I could wear it at work since they tend to crank up the AC and make the room freezing.  But I think it's more like an outdoor jacket.  I'll figure it out!  Hey $30 for a wool jacket, can't go wrong with that really.

I really like the Chinese style collar on this jacket, and I think the big round black buttons are so cute.  It looks to be made of very good quality, with many cute little details.  There is also some very subtle sparkles within the fabric.  Here's some detailed shots.

Anyway, I really like the fit of this jacket.  It fits well in the shoulders and arms, and the waistline adds some nice curves, and the length is just right!  Can't wait to wear this!

Lastly, I got a Mini Dot Blouse that would be perfect for work during any season, whether under a jacket or on its own.  It was a no brainer since it was only $17, down from $83.  I can never have enough little blouses for work I suppose.

I like the V neck line, the Chinese style collar again, and the contrasting colored trims on the ruffles.  Just adds a little bit more edge to a normal ruffled blouse.  I also like the color of the shirt, with faint little polka dots on it.  The fit is nice, and the elastic waist on the back creates an illusion of a thiner waistline from the front.  Pretty nice and the only thing I could have asked for is a couple more buttons down the front.  I like button down shirts with buttons that are closer to each other, so when I sit down people can't peak through the holes in between buttons and see my bra.  I can't even count how many times I've seen my coworkers' bras that way, usually when they are sitting down, and it's really not something I'm interested in seeing! 


  1. I like mandarin collars too. Sometimes I think a traditional collar can feel too big on a smaller frame, I feel like there's too much fabric there. The sweater dress you picked up is really cute too.

  2. It's funny your work is like an old boy's club from Wall street in the 70s when you live in Socal! Are all the managers old white guys?

  3. @RunningOnCoffee: Thanks! And I totally agree about the traditional collar being too overwhelming, and I think they can be pretty boring for work too because that's what everyone wears!

    @Anon: I know, right? It's really unbelievable. You are right, most if not all, of the power houses there are old white guys, they all look the same and wear the same clothes and have been there for 20+ years. They are all multi-millionaires who have private jets and own NFL teams, and have massage & champagne parties in their Malibu mansions, and hook each other up. Lol. But the analysts and traders in the traderoom where I am are all younger people, (other than the portfolio managers), same as Wall Street. But the male/female ratio is still very skewed.

  4. I must agree, DEPT clothing is pretty awesome! I Work shipping DEPT clothing so I get to see it all and it's some pretty amazing stuff!


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