Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lululemon Run:Cross Train Pullover

I bought the Lululemon Run:Cross Train Pullover in black / static black.

I had tried on the oasis one in store a while ago and really liked the fit.  But didn't like the color.  Actually at the time I had asked if the top came in a darker, more muted color.  But the store only had two bright colors.  When I was in the store on Sunday I saw that they got a black and gray horizontal striped one.  And then when I checked the website, I found the black one and decided I liked it the best and ordered it.  I am not usually drawn to black colors for tops, but for some reason really like this one.  Probably because of the static black trim details. They are eye catching, and I think the strategic placement on the back definitely slims the waist visually.

I remember though that the one I tried on in store was very soft.  Maybe I was crazy that day, but the black one doesn't feel quite as soft.  It feels the same as my other luxtreme stuff.  I do wish this was made in running luon because I just really like that material.  But I think this one is a keeper regardless.

I don't know why I just bought 2 long sleeve running tops when it's still summer outside and I won't get any use out of them for another 2 months or so.  But I covet these running tops.  Black is probably not best to run outside in when it's cooler and getting dark earlier.  But at least the zipper detail on the back pocket is reflective!  Oh and the pocket is large enough for my iphone so that's always a plus. 

I'm thinking about selling my Run: Spirit Pullover to compensate for my recent splurging, and because it's too warm for the weather here that I don't get to use it much.  But I don't know if I can part with that beauty.


  1. Well, you know, if you find that you can part with your very lovely Run Spirit Pullover, I'd be very happy to give it a good home. I missed out and have regretted it ever since...

  2. Haha... what color/size are you looking for? Mine is blue, size 4.

  3. A blue, size 4 would be perfect! I have been searching for a size 4 in any colour for a long time and also hoping to see it re-released for winter this year. Rest assured, if I am fortunate enough to purchase yours, I will show it a fabulously fun time here in climate appropriate Canada! Email me at ange.plus@yahoo.com should you want to make a deal!!


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