Monday, August 30, 2010

Lululemon Bon Voyage Duffel

I got my Lululemon Bon Voyage Duffel today in ivy and lolo purple.  I couldn't decide which one I wanted from the pictures online so I ordered both!  But as soon as I saw them in person, I knew ivy was the one!  I mean lolo purple is very pretty too, but ivy is just gorgeous!  And so different from the other Lululemon bags I have that are bright feminine colors.  Ivy is also a lot greener than I thought it would be, which is great.  It's like a deep forest green.  I thought it would be more brownish-yellowish from the pictures.  Maybe it's just the resolution on my computer screen.  But I love the color so much more in person!  I also love the satiny material which makes the colors look more fluid and silky.

By the way, the shoulder strap for both of these are this camel colored strap, which looks pretty bad paired with the purple bag.  It's like they forgot to make matching straps for the bag and then just added it on at the last minute!  Would have made more sense to do it in black.  But the camel strap actually works fine with the ivy color since they are both military tones.  This is another reason I'm keeping the ivy one vs. purple.  If I were to keep the purple one, I would have no choice but to use a strap from another Lululemon bag.

See?  It works with the camel strap.

The bag itself is awesome!  I love the unique pleats on it, and the size is great!  I love big bags, and I always carry lots of stuff with me.  I usually go to the gym with 3 pairs of shoes (running shoes, spin shoes, heels, sometimes a pair of flip flops too!) along with different changes of clothes and hair stuff, so I need a big bag.  Plus it would be so great to travel with!  It's small enough to be a carry on, yet big enough to fit everything I'd need for a weekend trip.

I explored it more than I did when I saw it at Equinox last week and took some pictures.  By the way, the price tag at Equinox was $120 and it is $108 from the Lululemon website.  I didn't know Equinox marked items up.  Interesting.

Anyway, it's a huge bag!  And there are so many pockets.  I took pictures of the bag on me so it's easier to see how large it is.  I did it with the bag carried as a purse style with the handles as well as a gym bag style using the shoulder strap. I think it works either way depending on how much stuff is in it.  The pictures are taken with the bag empty, so if it was full, it would look even bigger!  The handles are pretty thick and comfortable.  I think it would be fine to wear it as a purse even with heavy items in it.

My yellow tint lighting really sucks for pictures, but not much I can do there...

And here are some pictures of the different compartments of the bag, taken earlier when the sun was still out:

The inside pocket of the main compartment, with the removable pouch folded in there

The removable pouch - not the two sided one they used to have with an elastic band, but still big enough as it covers most of the length of the bag itself

The mesh shoe pocket, there is one on each side inside of the main compartment

This is the pocket in front of the main compartment pocket.  It's also a huge pocket, with different mesh pockets for phone, music player, "chocolate", etc. as well as whatever else you want!

The vertical side zipper on the front of the bag opens up so you can store sweaty clothes in there.  It's huge and goes through to the other side of the bag.  There is also a zipper on the opposite side so you can access this pocket from either side.

The shoulder strap hardware

This is the back side of the bag - there is a little pocket for easy access

The large back pocket which is also a lap top holder.  It's big enough to hold my Mac.  Not as padded as a regular lap top bag, but it would be fine.
Side pocket on the outside of both sides of the bag
Ok I might have gone a little crazy taking all these picture, but I just love all the different pockets!  How many times did I say that?  Hehe.  Great bag!  It really might be "A gym bag so awesome you can kiss other bags good-bye"!  I still love my other Lulu bags though, and will use them all!  I rotate through all of them every week or so.  I have serious bag addictions, and I think Lulu bags are always well made with the cutest little details that are unrivaled by any other brand.  And the price is pretty reasonable too as far as bags go.  The large size of this bag is probably over kill for daily use when I'm not going to the gym, so maybe I should just go to the gym more often to get more use out of it!  What a great motivation hehe... Very excited to start using this! 


  1. Saw this bag in store today. I love the Ivy and am looking for a gym bag for fall/winter and after reading your review I'm sold! Thx for the photos and the info.

  2. your review has talked me into keeping mine! i got it in citron - i know a lot of people think it's too bright, but i just love it. I would have gone with lolo, but i disliked the beige strap too!

  3. Great pictures of the bag... if only Lululemon themselves could post this kind of info about their products!

    I love the ivy color and I hope lulu continues with the earthtones, I'd love to have some stuff in more subdued colors. I agree the camel strap doesn't look so great with the lolo purple. I like the wrapped style of the handles.

  4. Hehe... I think I only took so many pictures because I was so excited! Maybe Lulu employees don't get as excited over their own products. =P

    I would love Ivy in more tops too. I have a Dance Strap tank in army green which is very close to ivy, and I love it so much! It would be a good color for bottoms too.

    I haven't seen the citron bag in person, but it looks pretty online! I'd imagine it would be very bright in person but why not have a bright bag! I for one am not afraid of color. My only concern with that would be that it would probably show dirt a lot easier. Like my angel blue jumpstart gym bag, I love the pretty color but I have to be very careful not to dirty it! Oh well it's worth the extra effort to own such a beautiful bag.

  5. I have this bag in the coal manifesto and I just love it! It holds all my gym gear, plus changes of clothes for my 2 potty training kids, snacks for everyone, water bottles, etc. The staff at my gym daycare make fun of my "giant bag", but I appreciate that it's not bursting at the seams with all the stuff I typically carry! I really love the Ivy colour, but couldn't wait for it to come out! lol

  6. What a beautiful bag. And I'm loving the shirt you're wearing too. I'm correct in thinking that's the one you bought off hautelook a few posts back? I can't do that big of a bag - I think I'd fall over, but I love the ivy color and might have to get it in one of the smaller bags. Thanks as always for posting. Love seeing all the details.

  7. @Erin, I know exactly what you mean about having a bag that's not bursting at the seams! I hate that look. I rather have a much bigger bag and fill it 3/4 of the way. Hehe. It's not THAT big, is it?!?

    @Angela, thank you! And yes the top is the Green Dragon top I got from Hautelook! It's so soft that I've been obsessed with it and wearing it non stop. I think they do have a smaller messenger style bag that comes in ivy too right? I remember seeing it but I can't remember the name of it right now. Love this color in the satiny material!

  8. I just bought the smaller/messenger version of the bag in ivy. It's called the fast in flight bag. It is so cute and adorable as it is like a mini bon voyage bag. The salespeople at lululemon told me that their entire back room is lined with versions of both of these bags because they all have bought one. It's not hard to see why!


  9. Hi there,
    I'm 5'2 and weight 110lbs. Do you think this would be too much bag for me :)

  10. Hmmm I think it just might be. It's a very large bag, as you can see how big it is on me (I'm 5'5). But that's why I love it too!

    I went with the ivy one obv. But lolo purple in that satiny fabric is very pretty too.

  11. my mom got me this Lulu duffle in Citron ( yuck) I found your website with the Ivy color and fell in love with it. SO long story short, I called EVERY Lulu store in S. California until I finally found one in Chicago! They are shipping it to my house and should be here this Friday. if you ever need another Lulu store to mail you an item, you go to local Lulu and show Id and give cc info on phone to the Lulu store that has the item you want. It is called a send sale.. YAHOO.. I love your blogs very informative and funny :)

  12. Oh that's great that you were able to find the ivy! I don't think I ever really saw that color in SoCal stores. I did however, see it at Equinox when I went to San Francisco about a month ago. I also knew about the send sale, but I think a lot of people don't because many stores don't advertise that. Not too sure why. I know that only one store had offered me that option and that was how I found out. Many times the stores would just call another store nearby and call it a day. Anyway, glad you were finally able to get it! I hope you love it! I love mine so much and I think ivy is beautiful, and a perfect color for a bag! It definitely won't show dirt like the citron would...

  13. That is great you know about "send sale" I am obsessed with Lulu and my absolute must have "run speed shorts" which I have seven of for each day of the week :) For my short muscular legs they look 10 times better than all my nike running shorts!! Also I have at least 9 flow y bras to where under regular clothes not just workouts!! ha I noticed you drink Whey protein shake, have you ever heard or tried MRM Whey? they are based out of Oceanside, very low calorie, carb and one gram sugar.. I love the chocolate flavor. go to this site and see what you think They don't have it at TJ but Whole foods and Henry's carry that brand.( in San Diego where I live I get it at those two places)

  14. I've heard of MRM, but I've never tried it. My nutritionist swears by Isopure so that's the one I use. I've written about it before if you are interested, you can search for it on the box on the right. I've been using the chocolate flavor as well. It's very smooth and mixes really well, I love it! It's also zero carb, and has less calorie than the MRM one too, at least the one I looked at on their site. If you want to give it a try, let me know how they compare!

  15. Hey, I have been looking for the lolo purple bag, can't find it in store or ebay, if you would be interested in selling it, please email me, i'd give you 50 bucks extra.

  16. Awww I returned the lolo one to the store after deciding I wanted to keep the ivy. Good luck on the search! Maybe try some strategic partners? Like different gyms and yoga studios, like Equinox? Sometimes they have older stuff. And I think theres also a facebook site dedicated to new and used lulu resale. But I'll keep my eyes open for you and let you know if I see one for sale somewhere.

  17. I don't suppose you are interested in selling this? :) jenny at gravityplay dot com if you are!!


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