Friday, August 27, 2010

KitchenAid 14pc Knife Set

Weeeee my KitchenAid Knife Set from Ruelala got delivered today!  I don't know much about kitchen cutlery, all I know is that my $14 knife set from like 5 years ago is finally falling apart.  The other night I was thinking about getting a new knife set soon, and the next day I saw KitchenAid on Ruelala.  It was a sign!

I think it's probably the grown up thing to do to invest in nicer kitchen tools.  So I'm starting with the knife set.  Later on I gotta get some nicer pots and pans because the ones I have are dying.  I quite like the set I got.  The discount on them wasn't that great - it said retail price $99, and Ruelala was selling for $69.  But the cool thing about these is that the base comes with a built in sharpener.  Cool!  I don't know how to use knife sharpeners so I never touched my old ones.  But these are built in and all I have to do is slide my knife through it.  That I can handle!

Like I said, I know next to nothing about knives, but these sure do look nice to me!  They are really sharp too!  I love them.  It's so nice to have knives that cut.  Lol.  14 piece is more than enough for me too.  The contents of the set are:

  • 8 inch chef's knife
  • 8 inch slicing knife
  • 7 inch santoku knife
  • 5.5 inch serrated utility knife
  • 5 inch santoku knife
  • 3.5 inch paring knife
  • six steak knives

The description says that they are made of durable high carbon stainless steel blades with a Rockwell hardness of 48-52.  What does this mean?  It sounds like gibberish to me.  It also says that they are ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced for precision and ease of use. I guess they are good for the joints.  Now I feel like I should cook more!

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