Thursday, August 19, 2010

Green Dragon Pink Lotus

I like a lot of stuff from the yoga brand Green Dragon / Pink Lotus (their other line).  They are a young company based out of California, and actually make their clothes in California.  It always feels good to support the local economy!  I believe Lucy also sells some of their products.  It's much like Lululemon in that they make high quality clothing made for fashion as well as function.  But they have really developed a full on fashion line for that casual chic, comfortable yet stylish look.  Their clothing are made of high quality natural and organic material. 

Anyway, their price is pretty steep, but they were on Hautelook about a week ago or so.  So I "fought the crowd" to grab a few pieces at large discounts.  There were so many people trying to buy their products and things were constantly "on hold" in someone else's cart, it was really hard to get everything I wanted.  They sold out really fast too.  I did manage to get 4 items by clicking "add to cart" like a crazy maniac for like half an hour?  Must've been a slow day at work.  Well today I received 3 of the 4 items.  A little weird that they didn't all ship out at the same time.  The one that didn't get shipped out was of course my favorite one!  So I really hope that they are not going to come back and tell me that they over sold.

Here's what I did get tonight:

Smocked Peasant Tunic - I thought the bold pattern was very interesting, and the style is cute.  I could get away with wearing it to work under a jacket or something.  And it would also work as casual wear.  The Hautelook discount was pretty good - the retail price for this top was $108 but I got it for $29.

I'm not usually into the Bohemian look, but I was drawn to this print/style.  In person it looks just like the pictures so no surprises there.  It fits on the loose side, and is slightly sheer.  It's very light weight and the neck detail is cute. It's made of cotton and silk, and it's very soft.

Then I got this Oversized Tee, because I just really like oversized tees.  My boyfriend thinks I'm weird for working out so hard and then hiding in oversized tees.  Hehe.  I guess I don't really have an explanation.

This tee must be the softest thing I've ever felt!  I loved it as soon as I took it out of the packaging.  I don't know what they did to it, but it's amazing!  No wonder its retail price is $79.  I would have seriously considered getting this at that price if I had felt it first.  But I got it for $28 from Hautelook and I'm completely fine with that!  I like the pretty floral print on the front too.  The pictures don't show this, but the wide rolled sleeves of this tee have twill tape detail.  Nice touch.  It gives the sleeves some definition and weight so they drape better.

Thirdly, I got this Embroidered Cardigan for $29 also, retail price $124.  The tag says made in China for this one though, as opposed to California on the other two tops.  It's very weird.  I thought Green Dragon prides on making their products solely in the USA.  Guess they are moving overseas like all the other companies.  Profit margin wins the fight every time huh?  

It's still a cute cardigan though.  I like the 3/4 sleeve length and the embroidered details are pretty.  I love the big round buttons on the belt.  I also like that it's a shorter length so that the tank underneath can show through.  I think I will mainly be wearing this to work before Labor Day, since that's when we start wearing suits everyday... yay (hope you can sense the sarcasm).  But I can also wear this everywhere else as well!  I think it looks cute with jeans too like the model has it.  Again it is a very soft piece.  I guess it makes sense because it's made of cotton, modal and cashmere.  Feels really nice against the skin.  This cardigan also came in black with white embroidery.  It was sold out really fast.

I'm pretty happy with these pieces.  So now I'm just waiting on the last item I ordered.  Really hoping that it will make its way here soon!


  1. I love Pink Lotus! It's always so soft and made in the USA. Lucy often has pieces on sale. Athleta carries it, too. I missed the Hautelook sale. :( Costco had some Pink Lotus one time but those items were all made in China and not nearly as soft as the higher priced Pink Lotus. Every Pink Lotus item I've bought from Lucy has been made in the USA.

  2. I am in love with my Green Dragon items... I didn't know that Costco carried it as well. It's weird that some of their stuff is made in China and some in the US, because the labels are exactly the same so there was no way I would have known.

    I hate missing out on sales so I check my daily emails religiously! Sometimes I check all the upcoming sales just so I know which days to get on right at 8 am. Lol... you could say that I am obsessed.


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