Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting into Shape is Not THAT Hard... A Cool Little Tale

I used to go to the run club that's hosted by Lululemon when I lived within walking distance to the store.  But since I've moved away, I haven't been able to make it.  It should be only a 10 minute drive, but "should" being the key word here.  The 405 during rush hour in LA is not your friend.  Too bad.  No more free "product testing" Lululemon goodies for me!  On the other hand, there is a Lululemon showroom opening down the street from me next week so I can hope they will be equally generous!  I can't believe it.  When I was house hunting, I wanted to live in a neighborhood that was close to a Lululemon store and an Equinox.  Seriously, I have problems I know.  It didn't exactly work out that way, but looks like my wish is coming true after all!  Well at least half of it.  Now I just need Equinox to open another location nearby and I'm all set!

So I've been spending my Thursday nights being trained by my boyfriend along with these two other ladies.  My boyfriend works in the entertainment industry (production and post production, not an actor!) just like everyone else here in LA, which means he doesn't have the 9-5 work schedule.  And with the economy in its current state and so many people out of jobs in California, the movie studios are cutting costs too, and it's hard to be a freelancer.  So he started training people a few months ago on the side.  I actually think he is very good at it because he always knew a lot about working out, and he LOVES to help people.  We'd be at the gym and he would always go up to different people and show them how to do stuff if their forms are wrong.  I don't know, I think it could be kind of annoying for people to get unwanted advice from a complete stranger, but that's just how he is.  Or they could be happy with the help I suppose.  I guess it could go both ways. So I think this trainer thing comes natural to him.  And I am also jealous of the instructor discount he can get at Lululemon!

He trains tons of people now.  I think they all love him.  I really like his work outs too because he spices things up with cardio of different levels and inclines, as well as all kinds of HIIT weights and strength training.  When I do his work outs, I always burn at least 500 calories in an hour, most of the time around 600 (I always wear my heart rate monitor when I work out).  I normally only burn 400 or 450 at the most when I take a hard class at the gym, so I guess he makes me work harder!  In fact, a couple Sundays ago, I took a 75 min spin class at my gym and only burned about 500.  And this instructor is amazing and always gives a great work out!  Ugh.  I was annoyed.  I got to the gym late and skipped running before the class that day.  I normally run for about 15 minutes before that class so my heart rate is already pumping when I get in and don't have to waste the first half of the class warming up.  That way I would end up burning 200 more calories during the whole work out, so 700-800 for the total class, which I think is 15 minutes VERY well spent!

So on Thursday nights, I always work out with these two ladies that my boyfriend trains.  They are older, about 30 pounds overweight, and were definitely not in shape when they first started, about 3 months ago or so.  But they really decided to change their lives for good, they always show up, and they started eating right as well by cutting out all the extra fat, sugar, and calorie overload from their diet.  When we first started working out together, they were pretty slow and weak.  But they always have a great attitude, and did the best they could.  Their work definitely paid off!  Tonight, they were able to run a 5k with me, and about half of it was pretty hilly too!  Each week I see them running faster and lifting more weights, and tonight was a milestone for them because they had never been able to run this much before in their entire lives!  So cool.  I think this was very inspiring to see everyday people get up and decide to do something to get healthier the right way!  They are not doing it for a TV show or for money, they just really did it all for themselves!  It really goes to show that it isn't THAT hard to start getting into shape.  Just a few short months is all it takes once you get your butt up in gear!  Once someone sees results and starts to feel better, it's even more motivation to continue on.  How cool to be a trainer and see people change for the better everyday!  Makes me want to become a trainer too!  And of course there's always that instructor discount at Lulu...

Speaking of Lulu, I went to Equinox to shower after my work out.  I really only use Equinox to shower now, which makes the hefty membership due not worth it.  But what can I say, I just love it, and it's really hard to cancel a membership to a gym that provides Kiehl's products freely in the locker rooms!  So I slobber that shit on!  After my shower and on my way out of the gym, I saw this cute and awesome Lululemon gym bag with tons of pockets at the Equinox Shop.  It's called the Bon Voyage Duffel.  They had black and this dark gray with black graphic print (didn't see the color code).  I didn't buy them there because I wanted to see if Lululemon had more colors, so I got online tonight and saw it in lolo purple and ivy, and I love both!  So I ordered both.  Hehe.  I will have to see which color I like better when I receive them.  I didn't want to wait until the weekend to go into the store and see in person, because the stores always tend to have different stock than the site so I didn't want to chance not being able to get the one I want.  Excited to get them on Saturday! 


  1. I've been reading your blog for bit now, and I love it! Maybe because I also have a lulu problem :) You have spoken briefly about changing your diet and you are obviously in great shape. I would love a post about what you eat, and workout schedule if that is something you would expand on. Thanks!

  2. Loved your post today! I was running on trails in the mountains this morning with my dog and two older men stopped me and wanted to chat a bit about my running. They told me they were 66 and 70 years old, wearing full packs and headed up the mountain for a day hike. They truly made my day just seeing their happiness, they were in INCREDIBLE shape!! I LOVE seing older folks that are vibrant and healthy by staying in shape :) So inspiring!

    HAHA!! You have a great sense of humor..."slobber that shit on!"

  3. @Haley - I have posted here and there about different things I eat and some of my work outs. But I guess it would be nice to have everything summed up altogether! I will definitely do that. Thanks for the suggestion! =)

    @Anon - Thanks!! That's awesome about the men you saw. I really love seeing and meeting people like that too. My boyfriend's dad almost died a couple years ago because he was a smoker his whole life and ate crap all the time. One day he had to have emergency surgery because he had 4 clogged arteries. Since then he quit smoking, started eating super healthy, started working out, and loved the change so much that he became a certified trainer/instructor targeting mostly elderly folks. I think it's so cute!! Obviously I hope most people won't need such an extreme wake up call and can just realize that they can start making the change any time. And what better time than now right? =)

  4. Good story! Very motivationing :)

    I also recently started a running routine with the intent of running a 5k in the next month. But I have been having issues with the tendons in my feet, if I alternate running/walking for 30 min I cant walk the next day becuase of the pain (and its not good sore pain!) Have you ever had any issues like this when you first started getting into running?

  5. Oh yes I cannot tell you how much pain I was in when I first started running, and not the good sore pain either! I didn't ease myself in - I started my very first run by running a 5k after not running at all since my PE class in high school. After that, I had horrible shin splints that hurt so bad every time I moved around, and it wasn't just that, it was my whole body - legs, feet, shoulders & neck (from too much tension during my runs), even stomach region. My muscles were not used to the new movements and the constant pounding on the pavement. I really couldn't do anything other than taking the rests that I needed and soaking in Epsom salt, and just waiting until those muscles were strengthened. I kept on my schedule though, and fought through the pain when I did run. But I took most of my runs inside on the treadmill because it was much gentler on my body (so boring though!). I found that for me it would hurt horribly in the beginning of my runs to the point where I could barely go on, but after about half a mile in, my body would get used to it and I could deal. I think this went on for a few months, then the pain and soreness finally went away and I haven't felt any pain since.

    That's just my experience, so I would say keep up with it and there is light at the end of the tunnel! But be careful though, if something really doesn't feel right, you might do damage to your body by not dealing with it, and probably should see a doctor. I think our bodies are always able to tell us when something is really wrong, and you just have to listen to it. It's great that you are training for the 5k though! Let me know how you progress - you will probably get hooked and will be doing a 10k and a half marathon before you know it!

  6. @Sara - After your finish your runs make sure you get a really good stretch in. Stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads and toes. Take a nice hot bath or shower to continue to keep the muscles loose and if need soak your feet in Epsom salt like mentioned.

    Weight Training - don't skip this part at all, your muscles need to build strength along with endurance. Twice a week if you can during your 5k training.

    Cross Training - On days that your feet really hurt or even once a week cross train. Do the row machine, elliptical, bike or swimming is really good. It will take the pressure off your feet but still work on your cardio and endurance.

    Equipment - Make sure you have proper running shoes and running socks (Lulu makes some nice running socks). You will have to break in your shoes so don't get discouraged right away if you get some blisters or rubbing.

    Like mentioned if the pain gets to much stop and if needed consult a doctor. You never want to get to the point where you are out of commission for weeks or months cause you didn't listen to your body.

  7. See what I mean? My ever so helpful boyfriend... lol

  8. Wow… Thank you for all the great advice!! I really appreciate it :)

    I originally hurt the tendon in my left foot when I attempted to start running the beginning of this year. I went to the podiatrist and he told me I over pronate and suggested a pair of running shoes and lots of rest. Well at the time I was in the middle of moving across the country so I pretty much stopped working out for about 2 months. Assuming this was enough rest I started my running routine again with the new shoes but I am feeling the same pain. So far it has not been as intense though considering I can still walk! I have been making sure to only run every other day and right now I am doing 1 min run 1 min walk for 30 – 45 min and then doing the elliptical 1 or 2 times a week. I rarely do any weight training; quite honestly it is a bit intimidating since I haven’t the slightest idea as what I should be doing! I also try to make sure I am stretching for about 5 min after every workout and I will definitely be trying the Epsom salts out. Oh, and I have already invested in 4 pairs of lululemon socks :) I’m becoming quite the lulu junkie!

    It is so reassuring to hear that you had a similar experience when you first started running. I am already so excited about my progress and can’t wait to do the 5K; all the little aches and pains have just been so frustrating! I was beginning to think I just might not be cut out to be a runner but I will continue on! Thanks again…. I love your blog!!!

  9. Hey Sara, sounds like you are doing great! Once your running muscles build up you will be home free! With regards to weight training, I know it can be intimidating with all those machines at the gym. Does your gym offer group fitness classes? That would be a good way to start, because you will have someone to show you what to do and you can just mimic them. If that is not your thing, you can always start weight training by using your own body weight. For example, you can just hold a 5 lb or 10 lb free weight in each hand, and you can do squads, front lunges, side lunges, back lunges, calf raises, shoulder shrugs, etc. And then add more exercises when you get a hang of it. If you have an iphone there are tons of apps that show you different exercises you can do. I have the iFitness app, it's simple and pretty good. And I'm sure there are tons of websites and videos online too! You can also get a DVD and some free weights and do it at home until you feel more comfortable. Don't get discouraged, there are tons of help out there! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here as well. We are very much into working out in this household. =)

  10. I actually recently quit my gym because my school has a fitness center that's include in the tuition so no reason to pay $75 a month! So sadly no more group fitness classes :( I do have an iphone though and will check out those apps and I recently bought Jillian Michaels 30 day shred because I read some good reviews, I haven’t tried it yet but plan to this week

    Thanks again!

  11. Oh I've been wanting to try out one of her DVDs too because I love her! And well, why not? Hehe. So let me know how it is!

  12. Hi there,
    Just curious about what color you liked best. I'm also deciding between the lolo purple and Ivy. Also, I'm 5'2 and weight 110. Do you think this is too much bag for me :)


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