Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Lululemon Stuff - Cobra Crop & Run Fast Shorts

I went to Lululemon this morning to take the Sunday morning yoga class (always hard to concentrate when you are shopping with your wandering eyes!), and also to return my Run Fast Crop (due to being too similar to my Passion Crop) that I just received from my online order.  Well, I ended up exchanging them for the Cobra Crop and Run Fast Short.

Cobra Crop Front
Cobra Crop Back

I've been meaning to get a pair of gray tights for a while now that I'm starting to do yoga regularly again.  I don't like wearing my run crops for yoga, I prefer a more cottony and organic feel with my yoga clothes.  I was going to get another pair of Wunder Unders, but saw the Cobra Crop and thought they looked promising just for something a little different. 

I like the waist band detail of these crops.  It's the exact same pleating look as the calve area of the Run Fast Crop I returned actually, but one-sided.  Here's a more detailed pic I found while scouring the internet:

For some reason, these crops feel way softer than my other Lululemon luon bottoms.  I thought they were a different fabric at first, but double checked the tag which indeed says "luon".  But it feels way more buttery than my other luon pants, and just feels so good on!  I even asked some of the girls that worked there about it and they totally agreed with me (but didn't know why either) so at least I'm not the only one!

They are lower rise but the waistband is so wide and stretchy, that they don't dig in at all.  Feels like second skin!  There's also pleats on the inner legs near the hem.  They are so long on me so I'm getting them hemmed 2-3 inches shorter, which means I'll lose some of the pleat details.  But I think there will still be a good inch or two left afterwards.  We'll see.  I'm very indifferent about these pleats so I can take it or leave it.

I also tried on the Run Fast Short just for fun but ended up liking them.

They kind of remind me of girl's version of boxer shorts, and they really fit pretty much how you would expect boxer shorts to fit.  They looked so small when I held them up and I thought there was no way I could fit into my normal size.  But they actually fit quite well.  They are very very short and airy.  But they are not tight fitting so I wouldn't be self-conscious wearing these out.  And they do have built in liner.  The majority of the shorts are made of swift fabric, which is very light.  At the sides they also have mesh for cooling.  I got the coal/citron version as shown above.  The back of these have a citron semi-circle trim, like a rainbow.  The waistband, though thin, has a tiny hidden pocket which I think would only be able to fit keys and maybe an ipod shuffle.  I'd imagine these shorts would be great to run in in the summer, but I can also see them ending up being my lounge around at home type of shorts.

Speaking of lounging shorts, the other shorts I tried on looked exactly the same as the Run Fast Shorts, but all solid colors.  Except they are made completely of the Swiftly Tech shirts material.  They are called Swiftly Shorts.  

These are soooo comfortable.  But I would never wear these outside the house.  The material is so thin, that you can see every single detail of the booty while you move!  I think one should only opt for these if they look like a stick.  One of the girls that worked there was wearing them, and let's just say she should not have been.  

These would make great lounge shorts though.  But they are priced the same as the Run Fast Shorts, so I got those instead.  I figured they at least have a bit more technical properties even if they do end up as PJs. 


  1. Just a caution about hemming; wear the crops a few times before deciding. I got my tracker tights hemmed at the store when I bought them, about 2 inches (I'm 5'5 with short legs, 2/4 in lulu pants), and I totally regret it. While they look perfect when I put them out (I think tight fitting crops tend to stretch a bit when first put on), throughout the day, they start riding up the calf and end up a little bunched at the knee and too high on the calf. I totally regret it but it's too late for me, so just wanted to share!

  2. Have you worn your Run: Fast short yet? Just wondering if you have any additional thoughts on them. I'm between coal and black, but think I'm going to pick up a pair in solid black because I don't own anything in citron.

  3. I love the Fast shorts! I think you will too! The waist band is stretchy and stays nicely when you are moving. Black is always nice, I'm thinking about a black pair as well but might hold out for a different style just for variety sake. I don't have any citron tops either, but have quite a few white/black/light gray tops that can go with the gray shorts. I really like the pop of color on it.

  4. Got my fast shorts in the mail today! They're super cute... Based on looks and the lightweight material, I'd get a second pair, but I will wait until I actually run in them to decide that. I think gray and citron would be my second choice color!

  5. Glad to hear that you like them! They are awesome. I hope they come out with more colors in these!


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