Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lululemon Fireside Jacket

I went to the Lululemon store today to check out the newest stuff since they posted on Facebook that they got 30 boxes of new fall items on Friday.  I did see a few interesting items, but only got the Fireside Jacket in Heathered Clarity Gray / Oasis.

I actually didn't think that I would like this jacket when it was folded on the table.  But I saw the sweater knit details and thought it was interesting looking so I tried it on.  I tried on a size 2 first, because it was sitting on top of the pile and it was really cute!  So then I tried on my regular size 4 to see the difference, and it was definitely not cute.  Very interesting, I guess this is another size down jacket!  The size 4 was wayyyy too baggy in the stomach area, looked boxy and not flattering, and the pockets poofed out a lot.  The arms were slightly bigger than the 2, and the length was almost identical.  So I got the size 2.  I think the sweater details give a really cozy feel. 

The hood is really cute on this one.  It's double lined and pretty big, with the same sweater knit details that's on the shoulders and upper back.  The zipper pull is oasis, there are oasis trim details on the inside around the zippers and hood and the logo is embroidered oasis as well.  I like the contrast of the very light clarity gray color with bright oasis.  I'm not normally a fan of big logos, but it's actually really cute, with criss cross details on the background.  I took some closer pictures as below:

Embroidered logo with criss cross stitching background
Back view

This jacket has thumb holes and side panels with ribbing details.  I wouldn't mind if they had made it an inch or two longer though, like my Flashback Jacket.  But I guess this is the intended style.  It's overall a very very adorable jacket that I was surprised to have liked.  It also came in a dark charcoal and black color.  But those colors both have almost identical colored sweater trim details so I liked this one better.  It's different.  But it is a rather overpriced jacket as well at $98.  I got it as a "birthday gift" for myself, haha.  I guess I don't feel *as bad* spending this much on a non-technical hoodie since it has more details than just a plain hoodie.  But it's still way too expensive.  I'm going to keep the tag on this one and sleep on it for a couple days and see.  I'll feel like an idiot if it goes on sale for half price in a month.  So we'll see!

I also tried on this Wear With All jacket in dark charcoal color with a dip dyed hood.  

It has the same type of embroidered logo as the Fireside Jacket.  It's a cute idea to have the dip dyed hood but I'm not crazy about this particular yellow.  And this is a good pictures (from Facebook), the hood doesn't look nearly as structured or as big in person to me.  Actually you can barely see the dip dye detail in the hood when you have it on.  I always like gray and yellow color combos, but thought this jacket was too plain from the front.  Also it's so long and completely covers my butt.  I had on jeans and heels when I tried it on so it looked cute, but I think if I wore flat shoes, the length of this jacket would make me look like I have super short legs. 

A technical piece I tried on called Cross Train Pullover was surprisingly cute.  Looked pretty ugly on the hanger though, like a lot of Lulu stuff!  I've learned to try on everything before judging.

It's made of luxtreme material like my running tights.  I have one luxtreme running pullover - the Run:Hills Pullover.  But I prefer my running luon pullovers because they are much much softer and comfortable.  But the Cross Train pullover feels like a different version of luxtreme.  It's a lot softer and feels warmer on.  Actually it feels like this Sunblock Pullover they have, or had, a little while ago.  But not as "sticky" feeling.  Hard to explain.  So let's just say I like the feel better.  I tried on my normal size and it was a very good fit.  The cut of this pullover is really flattering as well.  The pleats on the left side of the chest make my boobs look bigger, and the black lines on the sides make the waist look smaller.  It's body hugging but not tight, I really liked the cut.  There's also a pretty big zipper pocket on the back lower right side.  So cute!  The reason I didn't buy it is because I didn't like the colors.  It came in oasis, which is the color in the photo above, and alarming - a deep reddish orangish color.  They were the only colors the store had, and I'm not really a fan of either.  So I'm just going to hope it will come out in different colors later that I can buy.

I'm kinda glad all the fall stuff's coming out even though it will stay hot here till September.  I just love Lululemon running pullovers, they are the best.


  1. Nice review. I'm eying the Cross Train pullover and the new Run:Inspire top that is supposed to come out. Trying to decide which I would use more.

    does the pocket on the cross train pullover go the whole width of the back (like the hills pullover did) or is the pocket just on one side?

  2. Great review of the new stuff. You made me see the Fireside Jacket in a different light. Your blog got mentioned on the FB page again, by the way.

  3. @Running: Sorry I don't remember if the pocket went all the way across the back. The censor was on the pocket so it was hard to put my hand in it. But the pocket opening was very similar to the Hills Pullover in length, just on the opposite side.

    @Mel: This jacket is really adorable but when I searched for pics of it last night, I didn't find any real life pics to be flattering which is why I posted a pic of it on the mannequin. I think it may be because the people all stuck to their normal sizes vs. sizing down. I'm not sure. But even my boyfriend could tell the difference between size 2 and size 4 (he normally says everything looks the same) especially in the stomach area. He thought size 2 was cute but 4 was "eek". =)

  4. I love the fireside jacket hood. I wish they would do that on the Scuba. Which, btw, I got my Scuba on Friday and haven't taken it off. I live in the basement, so it's way over air conditioned, so I'm glad to have something warm. It's def. tall enough, which is a nice change from the Remix because I'm not 5'2!

  5. Great to hear that you love your scuba hoodie! They haven't hit stores in So Cal yet but I might grab one when they do! I have a jacket/hoodie addiction.


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