Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lululemon Run:Hills Pullover

I bought the Lululemon Run:Hills Pullover in heathered ivory stripe from ebay the other day.  It arrived in the mail today.

Though I have a lot of Lululemon run tops (Run:Spirit Pullover, Run:Sport Henley, Run:Brisk, Run:Energy Pullover, Run:Swiftly Tech, etc. etc.), I actually had never bought the Hills Pullover before (hard to believe since it is a pretty popular Lulu piece).  When I decided to finally get one, it was sold out everywhere.  That's why I had to resort to ebay.  I had never tried it on before either, but I bought my usual size 4, and I was just hoping that it ran true to size.  I paid more than I'd liked (grrrr!!!) but whatever I guess, since it looks so cute on!

The black side panels definitely have a major slimming effect.  It is a tight fitting shirt and hugs every curve.  I feel like I can't hide anything in this so it will motivate me to work out hard everyday!  The zipper in the front of the shirt when zipped all the way down is pretty low - shows some cleavage.  But it's cuter down (or 80% down) than up in my opinion.  It fits really perfectly around the shoulders, arms and chest.  The length is really perfect on this shirt as well.  It hits about half way down the butt when it's completely pulled down.  I like slightly longer fitting shirts, especially work out shirts, since they tend to ride up a little with movement, so the longer length will ensure that no skin will be showing.  Of course this shirt also has mesh down the arms, thumb holes, cuffins, and hidden pocket on the back (a really big one too!), which are all pretty standard Lulu features.  I LOVE the slightly bigger pocket - it will have no problem fitting my iphone as well as some cash and credit card. 

I went on a 7 mile run tonight and tested the shirt out.  It's made of luxtreme fabric, so it's not as warm as running luon.  Tonight was a bit cool so I was cold at the beginning.  But when I started running it was perfect.  The material had very good wicking ability.  I was wearing luxtreme bottoms (Run:Passion Crops - can you tell I love the Lululemon run line?) as well, so I stayed pretty dry!  I was amazed because the shirt didn't ride up at all.  I expected it to ride up, since it's luxtreme which is pretty slippery.  When I wear my luxtreme pants with luon shirts, the shirts usually ride up because of the slipperiness of the pants.  Since I was wearing luxtreme in both top and bottom, I thought for sure I would need to adjust it a lot.  But I didn't have to pull it up - not even once, not even a little bit - during the entire 7 mile run!  What the heck?  Maybe when it's luxtreme on luxtreme they stick to each other or something?  Hahaha probably not but it was pretty awesome!  I guess I would have to credit the design of the shirt for that.  My other run shirts from Lululemon don't move much either, but every time I run in them, I would have to pull them up a few times.  This one was very impressive!

So, I hope this shirt makes a come back in more different and fun colors/patterns!  I will definitely buy another one.  This may be my favorite run shirt from Lululemon.  I do wonder if it ever came in running luon material though.  That would just make it absolutely perfect!

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